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PROFESSIONAL LAUNDRY Features and benefits • Heavy duty ironer with fixed roll and mobile chest technology, offering a consistent pressure and maximum ironing surface • Hydraulic jacks for adjustable ironing pressure • 234° chest/cylinder contact angle (as opposed to usual 180°) by a super flexible 08OO mm chest fitted around a 0700 mm roll • Gas or electric heated thermal oil guaranteeing homogeneous ironing temperature over the entire ironing surface • Modulating burner on gas heated thermal oil versions • High precision temperature adjustment (1°C from 150°C to 200°C) for a variety of fabrics and moisture contents • High precision ironing speed adjustment (3 to 12 m/min) for a variety of fabrics and moisture contents • Large 7.5" colour touch-screen control with the possibility of creating 99 different programs • Nomex® felt padding rolled around Springpress spring padding • Adjustable roll suction for optimizing ironing speed • Metallic scrapers for pushing items out without marking the linen • USB connection for data upload or download (programs, history...) Main options • Integrated one-station automatic feeding (Easy clamps) for large items on one lane. Collapsible for manual feeding of small items on several lanes • Integrated vacuum feeding table for increased ironing quality (not available with Easy clamps) • Foot pedal for start/stop of the feeding table • High speed range variant 4 to 16 m/min • Jam surveillance system at exit of linen

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* Standard speed. ** Without / with rear delivery table.

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We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice. Experience the Excellence

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