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Wine Cellars Good wine deserves respect Wine Line

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You talk... Wine is an essential part of the experience we offer our customers. We don't just need a place to store our wines in the right conditions to preserve their individual complex character but a cellar where we can keep different wine styles and varietal at the exact temperature needed to release its maximum flavor ready to serve all year round. ...we listen We offer the perfect conditions for your wine whether you need a cabinet for cellaring, storing or serving or a combination of the three. With options for setting single or multi-temperature zones, the new range of sleekly...

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Enhance wine Optimal flavor 5 golden rules to keep your wine safe The perfect temperature for every wine Proud Showcase your collection

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Cherish, honor and protect Need to cellar or store different wines ready for service in optimal conditions while keeping your running costs low? Versatile, energy-efficient Electrolux Professional Wine Line respects every type and variety of wine: from crisp whites to full-bodied reds. rules keep wine safe and stop waste: 1. erfect preservation thanks P to the stable temperature. 2. Stabilize wine quality with dark storage area. 3. Stabilize wine quality with vibration proof environment. 4. Mold and odor-free. 5. he right humidity: +50% - 80%. T Zero waste. Correctly storing your wines puts...

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The space you want. How you want it Cellar or store all your wines or create enticing displays with ready-for-service bottles. It is easy to create the wine cellar you need with our complete range of capacity and shelving options. R600a Greater protection Your bottles are in safe hands with audio or visual alarms and security locks as standard. Better for your business and the planet Save on running costs. Energy efficient Electrolux Professional Wine Line uses natural gas R600a as a refrigerant Its low GWP (Global Warming Potential) makes it significantly better for the environment than...

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Lock the flavor in Perfectly preserve your wines by choosing Electrolux Professional Wine Line which replicates the conditions naturally found in the world's best wine cellars. Constant stable temperature and optimal humidity levels ensure your wine is safe from spoilage. Temperature fluctuation is eliminated by the fully-insulated side panels, dual or triple-glazed doors and super efficient interaction between the compressor and thermostat. Did you know ? 12-14 °C The perfect temperature for cellaring all wines

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Stabilize wine quality 2. with darkness Reduced risk of the harmful effects of exposure to light, especially UV rays, such as premature aging, discoloration and flavor alteration thanks to: ► Dark interiors. ► Tinted, UV-treated glazed doors. ► Dim LED lights. vibration proof Vibration-free Electrolux Professional Wine Line stops the premature deterioration of wine caused by even low level vibrations with: ► Rubber shock absorbers. ► Vibration-absorbing wood shelving. ► An externally housed compressor. Intelligent ventilation system, OptiflowGENTLE, keeps air flowing throughout the wine...

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Cork: the unsung hero of every bottle, battling to keep oxygen away from your wine. Moderate humidity: the essential weapon in the fight against oxidation. Electrolux Professional Wine Line: optimal humidity to protect corks and protect your wine. Did you know? Conventional fridges can shrink corks and spoil your wine AAA +50%-80% humidity The perfect humidity level guaranteed to keep corks healthy and protect your wine. 006 -50% humidity Wine can oxidize or spoil as corks can shrink, dry out or become brittle. 6^6 666 +80% humidity Corks may become moldy and taint your wines. Wine labels...

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The perfect pairing OptiflowGENTLE and Humidity Control System Humidity is kept between 50% and 80% thanks to the OptiflowGENTLE, the intelligent air circulation system, which heats condensed water which is then distributed as humid air into your wine cellar. Show off your wines with Electrolux Professional Humidity Control System. Optimal humidity levels mean that even when bottles are stored vertically the cork stays moist.

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The Goldilocks temperature Optimum temperature makes all the difference in maintaining and enhancing the flavor of your wines. With single and multi-temperature zone options, Electrolux Professional Wine Line ensures your wines are always at their best. IDEAL SERVING TEMPERATURE (°C) 6-8 °C Sauvignon Blanc & Champagne Pinot Noir & Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz Room temperature Fridge temperature Ambient room temperature Pinot Noir

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Did you know? Wine starts to 'cook' at temperatures over25°C Ready to serve? Each wine has its own ideal temperature Too hot? Over 25 °C wines spoil fast. Tannins become stronger, alcohol becomes more noticeable, and fruitiness is replaced by acidity. Single zone Ideal for cellaring all your wines at the optimum temperature of 12-14 °C or for having a dedicated fridge with wines at their perfect drinking temperature: 6-8 °C for whites or 16-18 °C for reds. Multi zone Electrolux Professional Wine Line versatile Multi-Temp technology is designed for serving different styles/varietals at their...

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Your wines. Your spaceIt's easy to create the perfect Electrolux Professional Wine Line to suit your needs. Choose from stylishly free-standing or sleekly built-in, capacities from 50 bottles to 300, and different shelving options for cellaring or displaying your finest wines. Prestigious design provides the perfect backdrop to your most valued labels Showcase your wines Don't just store your wines, show them off. Electrolux Professional Wine Line pairs impeccable practicality with design that deserves to be seen. Maximum capacity, easy access or showcase? 2 shelving options to make the...

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Stored with care. Ready to serve with style Whether your clientele are true wine connoisseurs or seeking the perfect accompaniment to their dining experience, beautifully designed Electrolux Professional Wine Line ensures every bottle is ready to satisfy their expectations. Electrolux Professional Wine Line: we know wine 13

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