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Combi Ovens Electrolux PROFESSIONAL

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You talk... Help me achieve the absolute best cooking results and reduce my costs. I need to know that my Oven will not let me down right in the middle of a busy service. It also has to be an easy-to-use Oven that is so intuitive everyone on my team can use it without training and will help make my kitchen run more smoothly and efficiently. ...we listen ...And developed a combi solution that is the perfect duality of smart technology and human-centered design. Made to give outstanding performance and made for you. Super intuitive, simple to use and with a host of pioneering intelligent...

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The journey to transforming your work-life starts here: Easier, healthier, safer Made for non-stop operations Pure control of your business

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Born to be green The perfect union of outstanding performance and savings for you and the environment. Sustainably built SkyLine Premiums has the lowest energy, gas and water consumption in the industry. Make your business green. Annual savings from SkyLine PremiumS are equivalent to a year of using class A ecostoreHP Premium Refrigerated Counter** for free. Go slow. Go green Serve more succulent portions thanks to Low Temperature Cooking cycle, reducing food weight loss by 50%. Green cooking Get the lowest energy consumption with best in class results using eco-cooking mode and automatic...

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Smart savings and sustainably built Committed to sustainability Our even more efficient, high-performance SkyLine Ovens are designed to help you work better, save money and reduce your environmental footprint That is the Electrolux Professional commitment to sustainability. Goodbye heat loss. Hello savings Lowest energy consumption ever thanks to enhanced chamber insulation, triple-glazed door and optimized cavity design. Energy usage is optimized thanks to the interaction between the high-precision control system and 26 different sensors monitoring SkyLine Ovens. Smart & Green water...

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Minimize spending. Minimize waste PLAN-N- SAVE Monday list energy with Plan-n-Save Steam Vegetables 00:18 h:m Pilaf Rice 00:20 h:m Minimize your spending optimizing the cooking sequence of your menu with Plan-n-Save*. You decide your menu and it applies new logic based on artificial intelligence to optimize the cooking order in the most time and energy efficient way possible. Lasagna 00:40 h:m Vegetable Au Gratin 00:25 h:m Cutlet 00:10 h:m Potato Croquette 00:12 h:m Cleaner, greener and smarter etteuqorC otatoP m:h 21:00 Green Spirit Save on water, energy and chemicals with Green Spirit...

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One DNA Twin appliances SkyLine Oven and Blast Chiller share the same mindset. Simplify your life 8

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SkyLine PremiumS is both physically and mentally easy to learn and use, working in perfect synergy with other Electrolux Professional appliances. ^Human-Centered Design An ergonomic Oven means 75%* reduction in sick leave and 25% increase in productivity for your business. Ergonomic appliances are designed around your needs and your workflow: making a big difference to your kitchen. Our design process is Human-Centered and fully complies with ISO 26800 and ISO 9241-210 regulations. SkyLine PremiumS is the first ever Oven to receive 4-star certification for ergonomics. Experience 4 stars ★ ★...

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SkyLine Error-free simplicity Make your daily work easier and reduce training time thanks to the intuitive panel. Color-blind friendly. Ease of use is one of the most important criteria for 4-star certification. Strain-free Easy opening and shutting of the door over 1.000 times a day with comfortable, ergonomically-designed wing-shaped handle. Hands-free opening with your elbow makes managing trays simpler. Effortless loading and unloading Better for your back and less tiring for you. The design of the door and chassis make a real difference to loading and unloading. The perfect position...

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Touch the sky, it's easy Simplify your life. SkyLine PremiumS has a super-intuitive and simple to read touch screen interface designed to make your work-life easy. Touch the simplicity Total control at your fingertips. SkyLine PremiumS cloud connectivity gives real time access to your appliance from any smart device. Manual mode MANUAL Programs mode USER Automatic mode AUTOMATIC Food families Savory and Sweet Bakery Chicken breast Chicken legs Roast beef Bread Ideal for demanding chefs Ideal for repeat menus Ideal for saving time and money Unleash your creativity, personalizing each cooking...

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The path to simplicity No instructions necessary, SkyLine PremiumS has been designed and tested by real users to guarantee simplicity of use with integrated help and self-learning technology to guide operators through every step of the cooking process. Watch & learn Planning made simple Your agenda at your fingertips 00:12 Make your life easier and workflow smoother using the MyPlanner functions to plan your daily work and receive personalized alerts for your tasks. 00:02 00:91 00:81 00:71 Get real time support every day directly from your SkyLine PremiumS Oven. Find the answers to your...

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Free your mind Enjoy the peace of mind which comes from simplified planning and food safety compliance with SkyLine PremiumS. Stress-free rush hours Make-it-mine solutions Smoother workflow with easy planning and managing of multiple cooking cycles All user interface functions can be fully personalized: making your control panel as unique as your fingerprint. Improve flexibility by planning and managing multiple cooking cycles with MultiTimer during rush hours (set up to 20 timers). Assign a different timer to a specific food typology for easy recognition. Food safety No compromise between...

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Lamb ribs cooked with SkyLine PremiumS using Low Temperature Cooking cycle. 14

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YEARS EXCELLENCE IN COMBI OVENS 1977 Electrolux Professional started a revolution introducing the first combi Oven to the market 2019 Electrolux Professional opens up a whole new cooking horizon: SkyLine

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Excellence time after time The path to culinary excellence starts with maximum precision. SkyLine PremiumS has the technology to give you absolute control over every setting for even cooking performance, proving, baking, roasting and steaming. The most impeccable cooking evenness ever OptiFlow Even cooking. Even large loads Flawless, even results whether cooking or baking thanks to revolutionary high technology OptiFlow circulation system which guarantees uniform heat distribution and constant temperature in the optimized cooking chamber. Reverse fan rotation from 300 to 1500 rpm ensures...

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