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Savor the perfect climate For you and your food with Rethermalizer

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People are eager for good, healthy meals to enjoy somewhere different from the usual fast food outlets. The fast casual restaurant is the hot new trend in the food service industry because of a growing emphasis on health and quality in addition to speed.

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Real answers, real quality Rethermalizer is a “peace of mind” solution that will help you grow your business by attracting customers who enjoy a healthy, comforting meal without the wait and by easing stress for your employees. Say hello to a number of benefits developed by our dedicated technology team: The perfect temperature, fast Easy to use, clean and maintain Compact footprint Sustainably engineered

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Details to warm your heart What you need is a way to reheat and regenerate liquid and semiliquid foods in total safety. Thanks to our global R&D team and drive to innovate, we’ve developed the perfect solution. It’s fast and easy, reducing wait times for your customers and stress for your staff. Delicious food from contented servers: how great is that? WHY RETHERMALIZE? Rethermalizing with water is the best way to reheat liquid and semiliquid foods that have previously been cooked and chilled: it’s distinctly more energy efficient than steam or hot air, saving money and time precise...

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The perfect temperature, fast Using cold water, reach your target temperature in 40 minutes with high power version and in 60 minutes with single-phase version, whether you load two pouches or ten. Easy to use, clean and maintain Rethermalizer fills automatically, monitors its own water level and temperature, and drains without manual input. The heating element, positioned outside the tank, is easier to clean in total safety. Compact footprint No need to disrupt your layout: it fits! Sustainably engineered The automatic stand-by function is activated at the end of the cycle, saving energy...

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Your process, your choice Rethermalizer works in two ways, depending on the workflow of your professional kitchen. Quality and safety are assured—meeting all HACCP standards—whether you freeze your food and use the thawing function, or chill it and opt for the warming function. With our innovative Cook&Chill system, flexibility is yours within a completely integrated, lean and safe process. FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE With our Blast Freezer you can bring food from 70°C to -18°C in less than 90 minutes Pre Press Press Press Press ss B& & & iai a B iaiB s s a && rarBirsirBirsiisi COOK...

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Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Anything you need is always available thanks to an extensive Customer Care global network with over 2,000 Authorized Service Partners in more than 149 countries. 10,000 professional technicians and over 55,000 spare parts in stock are ready to be dispatched around the world in 24-48 hours. We are always near, always there for you. The nuts & bolts: technical info at a glance DESCRIPTION Electric freestanding re-thermalizer unit for soups. Forty-liter water well capacity, able to fit and rethermalize 10 bags simultaneously from 3°C to 80°C, in 40 min or...

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Excellence is central to everything we do. By anticipating our customers' needs, we strive for Excellence with our people, innovations, solutions and services. To be the OnE making our customers' work-life easier, more profitable - and truly sustainable every day. Excellence with the environment in mind ► All our factories are ISO 14001-certified ► All our solutions are designed for low consumption of water, energy, detergents and harmful emissions ► In recent years over 70% of our product features have been updated with the environmental needs of our customers in mind ► Our technology is...

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