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We making your life easier with myPRO Experience the Excellence professional.electrolux.com The new Smart Professional laundry solution for small businesses. Just load, start and relax – myPRO works while you work and delivers great laundry results at the touch of a button. myPRO Laundry solutions Machine break downs, slow programs and poor wash results are some of the issues business owners struggles with when domestic Washers and Dryers can’t meet their needs. At the same time, outsourcing laundry or buying advanced professional machines can be overly costly. We perfectly know your needs. myPRO stands for longer-lasting machines and faster cycles. So you get top quality laundry results without the inconvenience – and your customers will notice the difference. 3 times longer lifetime1 due to more durable construction with professional components Up to 50  % faster  with professional programs 2 Great results every time thanks to the unique Electrolux Professional SpeedCare drum myPRO is designed for small businesses that need laundry solutions stronger and faster than standard domestic appliances. Businesses that require durable Washers, efficient Dryers and productive Finishing Equipment, but have no need for an advanced professional solution. myPRO is the Smart Professional solution that offers reliability, flexibility and superb quality results on a sensible budget. Warranty for professional applications Compared to domestic machines The Professional heart for small businesses Discover more about myPRO – the Smart Professional solution from Electrolux Professional – on www.electrolu

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We offering you peace of mind Top quality. High speed. Long life. Works today, works in 10 years’ time*: Washers and Dryers designed to last 3 times longer than domestic machines Time savings thanks to a variety of professional programs1 Best wash results and garment care thanks to the unique Electrolux Professional SpeedCare drum Higher flexibility with External Dosing System1 Saves water. Saves energy. Saves money. The best couple! The smart professional Washers with A+++ energy efficiency and the Heat Pump Dryer with A++ energy efficiency Washing machine boast SpeedCare drum for...

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