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Line 6000 Washers and Dryers Shaping the effortless laundry

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You talk... Help me run a top-notch laundry where I obtain the absolute best results while reducing effort and costs. I need my team to get more done faster, thanks to an ergonomic design that reduces physical strain and an intuitive, attractive interface. I need as well to cope with the challenges of the time, and assure that linen is hygienically safe after every cycle. Give me robust equipment that will save me money thanks to lower life cycle costs, year after year. Provide me with the peace of mind of secure trustable hygiene. ...we listen Line 6000 will save you money, anticipate your...

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Innovation is the driver of great performance Trustable hygiene Assure that your linen is effectively disinfected at every cycle for a safe result. Easier, healthier, safer Certified ergonomic design with a human-centered approach for an outstanding user experience. Real-time solutions Monitor your equipment's status from anywhere and take action to improve your business avoiding downtime. Outstanding productivity Wash and dry more laundry in less time. Long-term savings Innovative features to save money and time, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

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Washers & Dryers Easier, healthier, safer Anyone who does laundry day in and day out knows that repetitive acts like reaching, bending and pouring can be stress points that make the job more difficult and reduce productivity. By focusing on the physical and cognitive interaction between user and equipment, we make each of these motions more comfortable for an all-around effortless experience. Certified comfort Every washer and every dryer included in the line 6000 range is certified to international standards of ergonomics and human-centered design. This means they have been user-tested to...

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Washers & Dryers Making every step intuitive and straightforward Easier, healthier, safer The core of each machine: choose among two powerful brains, ClausVibe or CompassPro, each best in class in its own category. ClarusVibe control, the newest and most performing of the interfaces, guarantees an intuitive experience and smooth interaction, providing a smart and effortless way to manage the wash process. Fully self-explanatory, it saves time and boosts productivity by making it easy to do the right thing on the first try for all users. ClarusVibe comes pre-set with all the programs you...

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Washers & Dryers Automatic or manual dosing. Either way, you win Easier, healthier, safer Available only for ClarusVibe models Manual dosing has never been so simple The right height The front-mounted dispenser is positioned for easy access and tilts down when opened so you can see each compartment clearly. Works with all types of chemicals Suitable for either powder or liquid detergent, with a dedicated bleach compartment. Easy to clean Clear visibility and removable components make cleaning the dispenser simple and convenient. Save time and chemicals with automatic dosing User-friendly...

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Washers & Dryers Work comfortably, dry more in less space Easier, healthier, safer The door that makes the difference: Ideal height The door is positioned at the most ergonomically suitable height. This makes a real difference for loading and unloading. Sturdy and reliable Because the door is built to last, it will optimize performance throughout the life of the dryer. A better grip Open and shut the door smoothly thanks to the handle design and easy-close magnetic door. Safer for users The insulated glass door* stays cool on the outside so there is no risk of burned fingers or hands. It...

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Washers & Dryers Fighting against the invisible enemies Electrolux Professional partnered with Rise AB to identify and validate the most suitable protocol finalized at providing the inactivation of pathogeninc microorganisms in textlies through the laundry process. Trustable hygiene RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through international collaboration programmes with industry, academia and the public sector, RISE ensures the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and contribute to a sustainable society. 2,800 employees engage in...

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Washers & Dryers Ultimate peace of mind in your laundry installation Trustable hygiene Today the demand for disinfected linen is paramount in every laundry environment, being it a commercial laundry, a multihousing, a hotel, or a hospital. By choosing Electrolux Professional you can rely on a complete process which includes machines, programs, detergents and traceability systems to assure the highest possible disinfection results on all A full range of solutions at your service Line 6000 washers, dryers and ironers through Global Hygiene Advanced programs and hygiene process protocols...

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OnE Connected, your digital assistant Connected Line 6000 machine OnE Connected helps you get top performances from your Electrolux Professional solutions. This will maximize your profits and accelerate your return on investment. All Line 6000 machines are connectivity ready. Increased productivity Improved efficiency Zoom into the current status of each Line 6000 washer or dryer from anywhere at anytime to check the different consumption parameters. Electrolux Professional OnE Connected helps you reduce consumptions to a minimum and optimize the efficiency of your business. Smart...

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Digital platform Customer Care Maximum uptime More business Remote speed diagnosis from anywhere: product code, serial number and any error codes to increase accuracy. OnE Connected gives you the insight to better organize your work flow. OnE Connected helps ensure maximum uptime while reducing any inconvenience for unexpected breakdowns. For additional benefits subscribe to Essentia Service Agreement. Monitor the status of your washers and dryers, also in multiple locations using direct comparison charts in a single snapshot. Track actual processing time, operator waiting time and total...

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