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♦ Excellence is central to everything we do. EBy anticipating our customers' needs, we strive for- Excellence with our people, Excellence innovations, solutions and services. To be the OnE making our customers' work-life easier, more profitable - and truly sustainable every day. Achieving success lies in meeting customers' expectations and grounding them in reality by delivering products that satisfy business needs. This is how Line 6000 creates a new concept of laundry: by providing the very best in terms of ergonomics, savings, care for the environment and overall consumer experience, in a virtuous circle with brilliant results. Line 6000 Facility Management Easier, healthier, safer Real-time solutions Long-term savings Outstanding productivity with the environment in mind S. 00 <D O) ► All our factories are ISO 14001-certified _C U O ► All our solutions are designed for low consumption J of water, energy, detergents and harmful emissions ► In recent years over 70% of our product features have been updated with the environmental needs of our customers in mind Cleaner mops for cleaner floors

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Facility management made effortless Washers. Simply easy, for you and your staff Dryers. Better in every way When you're in charge of keeping floors clean, it's important to have washers and dryers that can handle large volumes of mop heads and meet excellent hygiene standards. User-friendly detergent dispenser Even with manual dosing, the process is easy and your results will be perfect. The front loaded detergent dispenser is placed at the correct height and tilts downward for good visibility. Six color-coded compartments show you what to pour where. Avoid overloading Band underloading...

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