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Shaping the effortless laundry Line 6000 Hot Cylinder Ironers

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You talk... Perfectly ironed laundry is always our priority. Hygiene being top of our mind, productivity might be a challenge, and we can't afford to make compromises. We are looking for a partner who can help us keep up when the workload is high: we need durable and easy to use equipment that helps save time whilst keeping our business thriving. Can you guarantee all this and the promise of quality first? ...we listen We have developed a high performance range offering you a great deal of different solutions accessible to everyone. With our reliable and flexible solutions we can respond to...

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Certified ergonomics Optimum productivity Reducing workload, easing stress, intuitive and user friendly Brilliant results with optimised staffing costs maintaining strict standards of hygiene Full flexibility Tried & Tested durability Many different solutions designed for your specific needs Guaranteeing consistent results without interruption 3

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The route to the best solution Choosing the right ironer for your business requires forward thinking and the right strategy. Planning in advance is essential to maximize the return of your investment and maintain an optimum and fluid workflow. Electrolux Professional is at your side to evaluate the best solution for your business. Gear up with the right knowledge and accurate planning to create the very best laundry solution. Know your business The first step is to get the big picture and ask yourself whether you are a big or a small business. How many kg of linen is there to be ironed per...

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We considered your different needs to provide you with the most suitable ironer always 60 years of experience in making and delivering products for our customers world-wide is at the base of Line 6000 Hot Cylinder Ironers' range development. 7 different platforms, 5 different lengths and many more options are now available for you to choose from. Front or rear delivery? What's best for you? Perfect for maximum output when space is limited ADVANTAGES: • • • • Perfect for small spaces Designed for a wall standing installation Ideal for linen, kitchen towels, pillow cases, etc. Only one...

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Ergonomics: not an option, a necessity Processing an average of 600 sheets daily means that actions are repeated constantly, therefore a user-friendly and intuitive solution greatly contributes to achieve the best output with the littlest efforts from the operator's side. Pioneers in ergonomics certification Our ironers have earned the prestigious 4-star rating for the international ergonomics certification. This means they have been user-tested to make sure your operators will feel less tension and strain, resulting in more harmonious "physical & cognitive interaction", so they—and your...

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Designed around the operators' needs for optimum performance Reduce operators health risks, opt for more automation. As a result of studies carried out by European Certifying Institute "ErgoCert", Electrolux Professional has created a variety of tried and tested automation systems developed to ease and simplify your operator's workload, keeping productivity constant. Studies were based on a significant anthropometric sample of users (150185cm height). Ergonomic perfection: Optimized interface position Users experience considerably less neck pain as a result of an improved interface height...

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Certified hygiene for perfect results The Electrolux Professional promise: ensuring productivity and quality results safeguarding at the same time the highest hygiene standards. When linen comes into direct contact with skin you can take no chances, hygiene is always at the top of the list. Your customers will feel the difference and you'll enjoy peace of mind. Optimal ironing speed means maximum hygiene and performance The nature of the linen fiber, the rate of residual moisture, the washing machine program used and the thickness of the fabric together determine the right speed of the...

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Concerned with productivity? We have different solutions to make it even simpler: just select what better fits your need between the human operated basic version, the new Feed Now option, or the unique DubixiumTM solution. Human operated basic version No automation, requires more than one operator. Consistenly high results and optimum productivity depends on the operators' level of skill and efficiency. For maximum productivity an ironer should be used in ideal conditions: processing the same type of sheets that cover more than 80% of the cylinder width and the right consistent speed. This...

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More automation, less staffing costs Extra large linen normally requires extra help and assistance. But not anymore... Electrolux Professional has now developed a series of integrated options to make your life easier. Feed the linen into the ironer A better feed means a better result opt for the right choice from the most basic to the most automated of solutions Good results with the basic version The linen is fed by 2 or more operators on a feeding table to avoid any wrinkles. In this case results depend on how skilled the operators are. Process large flat linen with only 2 operators, but...

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Fold the dry and ironed linen A lot of attention required to deliver consistent results 600 times per day. opt for the right choice from the most basic to the most automated of solutions Hand-folded linen with the basic version A minimum of 2 operators are required to fold large items. Results depend on the operator's skill - folding is completely manual. For best results choose the Antistatic Bar which eliminates static electricity when ironing polyester. The option is included with Integrated Length Folder option. Consistently perfect linen with our integrated length folder For the...

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Years of experience at your service Consistency in quality and performance, certified ergonomics, faultless productivity are the results of 60 years of uninterrupted investment in product and people development. Today we are proud to offer you the very best in terms of flat work ironing. ► Integrated length folder arm ► Integrated feeder in the ironer casing ► Integrated cross folder and stacking ► Cylinder composed of several segments (C-Flex) ► Temperature Control for Flatwork Ironer ► ethod for regulating the moisture content M of dryer clothes (DIAMMS) ► latwork ironer with heated...

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