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Shaping the effortless laundry Line 6000 Dryers

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You talk... Help me run a first-rate laundry where I get the absolute best results while reducing effort and costs. I need my team to get more done faster, thanks to an ergonomic design that reduces physical strain and a clear, attractive interface. Give me robust equipment that will save me money thanks to lower life cycle costs, year after year. ...we listen Line 6000 will save you money, anticipate your needs, and exceed your expectations. Our intensive research and cutting-edge product development have led to an ergonomic line of washers and dryers that ensures effortless operation and...

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Innovation is the driver of great performance Easier, healthier, safer Certified ergonomic design with a human-centered approach for an outstanding user experience. Real-time solutions Monitor your equipment's status and performance from anywhere and take action to improve your business. Long-term savings Innovative features to save money and time, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Outstanding productivity Wash and dry more laundry in less time.

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Easier, healthier, safer Our priority is to create solutions designed precisely for the people who use them, day after day. Exceptional results for minimal effort: it's as simple as that. 4

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Our design is all about you Anyone who dries laundry day in and day out knows that repetitive acts like reaching and bending can be stress points that make the job more difficult and reduce productivity. By focusing on the physical and cognitive interaction between user and equipment, we make each of these motions more comfortable for an all-around effortless experience. Certified comfort The user interface has passed third party external testing and the new range is certified to international standards of ergonomics and human-centered design. Our dryers have earned the prestigious 4-star...

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Work comfortably, dry more in less space The door that makes the difference: A better grip Open and shut the door smoothly thanks to the handle design and easy-close magnetic door. Safer for users The insulated glass door stays cool on the outside so there is no risk of burned fingers or hands. It also keeps the heat inside, so the room temperature is not affected. Ideal height The door is positioned at the most ergonomically suitable height. This makes a real difference for loading and unloading. Because the door is built to last, it will optimize performance throughout the life of the...

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Big benefits in a smaller size If you put a premium on space, we have the solution for you. The TD6-7 Dryer is a full-featured professional model in a compact size that stacks seamlessly with our smaller washer. Use it alone or as part of a tower: the new Compass Pro (R) interface can be placed at the top or the bottom of the dryer to keep it in easy reach. With its smaller footprint, this dryer fits into challenging spaces or leaves you room to install more equipment, while still providing optimal results and unbeatable productivity. Stackable! Here you see the TD6-7 with the control panel...

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Long-term savings You know how expensive it can be to run a laundry business. Let us keep your costs down so your business can reach new heights. 8

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Look under the surface to see how much you save When considering the cost of an investment, the up-front expense is just the tip of the iceberg. Operating costs accumulate, year after year, and make up the largest share of your expense. Over the long term, our dryers will cost you much less and make your investment more profitable. Our "iceberg" is slim While other dryers have extensive lifetime costs, we can represent ours with a slimmer iceberg shape because of the savings you will achieve thanks to its money-saving features and robust engineering. Up-front investment Life cycle costs...

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We make breakthroughs to save you money Line 6000 is several laps ahead of other dryers in terms of energy savings and speed. This is good for the world around us and good for your bottom line. By investing heavily in advanced technology, we have achieved outstanding drying times while also reducing the dryer's life cycle costs. Save more than Heat Pump Dryers: where sustainability meets performance Heat Pump Dryers have always been good at saving energy. Ours takes it a step further and saves you more than 60% compared to traditional dryers! In the past, the tradeoff for energy savings...

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Drum Speed Best result with all fabrics From delicate silk to heavy cotton: manually adjusts the drum speed to control the mechanical action. Garments will move correctly in the drum for the fastest drying. Efficient in every way The Heat Pump line is suitable for installation almost anywhere thanks to a small footprint and plug & play capabilities. This saves money on installation costs because there is no need for exhaust or a water cooling system. No need for: • exhaust • water cooling system Install it anywhere and save money! 1

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More exciting news in dryer technology High performance, less noise Adaptive Fan The Adaptive Fan control* adjusts the fan speed automatically to save energy, reduce drying time, and provide an even drying result. It can also be used to reduce the noise level when needed, and makes it easier to install dryers in a challenging environment. Adaptive Fan turns on automatically, for example if filters are clogged or if ventilation ducts are too small. It also makes the fan last longer, to save you time and money. *The Adaptive Fan control is only available with the electric version. Adaptive...

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For all of our dryers Moisture Balance Dry not overdry Moisture Balance measures the exact moisture level throughout the drying process. Protects garments and saves energy by stopping as soon as they are dry, or at the moisture level you set. Watch the video and find out Find out more!

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Outstanding productivity The laundry business is hugely time-intensive. Faster equipment means you can handle more loads of laundry in a day: the easiest way to make your business more productive. 14

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