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Horizontal Cooking

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Work a solid 8 hours with LiberoPro LiberoPro is a versatile, professional, plug & play solution. The perfect ally to unleash your creativity and satisfy your business needs. The hobs can be used together with other Electrolux Professional horizontal cooking solutions to create a sleek and efficient working area. Free Spirit High performance for any business need Install it anywhere with the Plug & Play solution Smart design and usability Green champion Easy-to-use. A versatile solution with the drop-in layout Up to 90%* of energy efficiency. 100% recyclable packaging and FSC compliant *...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 3

LiberoPro Induction Energy efficient, precision cooking ► High power with big pots, big precision with small pots ► leek design with a versatile drop-in solution that can S be integrated into existing counters or cooking blocks Induction Mono Zone ► peed and flexibility thanks to the induction heating S system and smart electronic control ► repare even the most delicate of foods such as P caramel or melted chocolate using small pots (minimum diameter: 120 mm) ► perator can set power level and time O Induction Double Zone Max pan size: 350x450 mm with Bridge function LiberoPro Bridge Make it...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 4

LiberoPro Griddle Top uniformity, fast temperature recovery and precision ► Powerful, high performance with induction ► utstanding cooking uniformity and fast temperature O recovery ► ven cooking results wherever you cook - thanks to the E aluminium layer in the cooking plate the whole surface cooks evenly, from the centre to the corners ► esigned for professional use: non-stick and food D contact compliant cooking surface ► Set temperature levels from 60 °C to 280 °C Food safety guaranteed LiberoPro Bridge Fully compliant with the European Food Contact Materials Regulation (EC)...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 5

LiberoPro Wok Sleek design, full versatility and power in cooking The 3 phases version is perfect for a powerful cooking, such as stir-frying abundant vegetables. Wok Drop-in configuration available Accessories & Consumables Scraper - included Use only the scraper supplied to remove any residue from the griddle cooking surface. C40 Degreaser Detergent For Hot Surfaces - code 0S1841 Excellent cleanability Activate the cleaning function that brings griddle temperature to 180 °C and apply Electrolux Professional C40 Degreaser for Hot Surfaces. to see how to clean the LiberoPro Griddle

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 6

Championing efficiency The more you save, the more you can invest in the best fresh ingredients. on your energy bills* Rapid and efficient Performance and maximum energy efficiency go hand in hand with productivity. Great energy efficiency thanks to LiberoPro hobs induction technology compared to Electrolux Professional infrared models*. Top-notch daily results Unbeatable surface cooking evenness Productivity is always guaranteed with the induction technology. Even with frozen food, the reactive surface is able to support the fast recovery of the set temperature. High performance for...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 7

A selection of textures to choose from Customize and spice up your cooking area by adding a stylish texture to your new LiberoPro Point. Choose from six different finishes* and adapt your work station to your aesthetic needs. Add a touch of personality and sophistication! Standard version in high grade stainless steel (AISI 304) Electrolux Professional provides you with a selection of customizable finishes to satisfy all your catering needs, whether you have a hotel, a canteen or an independent restaurant. Elegant, contemporary finishes Roquefort fort *Special finishes upon request.. Both...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 8

LiberoPro Point is on the move with you LiberoPro Point is a free-thinker as it adapts easily to your business needs providing first-class service with a contemporary edge. Ergonomically designed for practicality and comfort, the large shelf provides an easy space for the chef to place prepared dishes. In addition the glass partition above means you can watch whilst your food is being cooked. LiberoPro Point contemporary versatility Easily combined with different hobs according to your menu. Place the LiberoPro Point mobile cooking station wherever it’s needed. Its plug & play, robust &...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 9

Enjoy a comfortable and fresher environment Steam disappears as quickly as it appears, leaving you with a comfortable cooking station. LiberoPro Duo is a wireless “matching” function that allows automatic regulation of the fan speed with the temperature of any LiberoPro hob when placed onto the LiberoPro Point. LiberoPro Fresh is a low-noise air filtration system that efficiently absorbs grease particles and odours from the working area. Its stainless steel fat filter with activated carbon reduces bad smells by up to 80% and has a capture efficiency of 95% when fan speed is at its maximum.*...

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 10

Excellence on the move Rewrite the rules of the street food experience: LiberoPro Hobs - your best allies for flexibility and efficiency. Tapas with LiberoPro Induction Mono Zone Hamburgers with LiberoPro Griddle XL Tortilla Tapas 120 pieces/h • 50 gr/piece Burger bun, onion, bacon, fresh hamburger 25 complete hamburgers/h • 5 kg/h Complete your offer: Panini and toasted sandwiches with SpeeDelight 1 minute to wow and serve your perfect sandwich Nachos with cream cheese with LL3 Capacity: 2,5 kg • Serve 50 portions in one l

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 11

Salted toffee churros with LiberoPro Wok 2,5 kg - 15 portions Non-stop service with SP Ultra. Keep customers safe thanks to the nUV* LED that sanitize the bowl, reducing bacterial proliferation. Street Food Milk shakes and frozen creams with SP Ultra

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Electrolux Professional LiberoPro - 12

Quality at a fast pace Quality standards and culinary creativity will not be compromised even in fast-paced environments. SkyLine ChillS Blast Chiller 30 kg Pasta and main courses 4 minutes / 2 portions • 30 portions/h • 80 gr/portion 1. Get the job done in minutes thanks 2. Chill your pasta to preserve freshness. Seal in flavour by blast chilling from +4 °C to -41 °C for longer - lasting freshness. LiberoPro Induction Double Zone to the high productivity automatic pasta cooker. 3. Sauté on your induction hob with your chosen sauce. Complete your offer: Paillard à la minute with LiberoPro...

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