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Libero Line,   he Ultimate, Innovative, t Front Cooking Concept 2

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Electrolux Professional Libero Line Gourmet buffets Serve hundreds of customers, good quality food, in minimal time. Casual dining Prepare an extraordinary array of original recipes from appetizers and starters to entrees and desserts. Cafes and bars Prepare quick dishes for people on-the-go. Everything from simple sandwiches to sit-down meals. Hospitality Cook a wide variety of dishes so your customers will have the perfect start to a perfect day. Outdoor dining The ultimate in cooking in front of your customers. Adapt your cooking to all styles and surroundings. Grill, sautee, steam and...

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Griddle Give food the flavor and color customers expect. With this versatile griddle, you will be able to serve fish, beef, chicken, vegetables, omelettes and much more quickly and easily. ►► Serve your customers in record time! Go from 20°C to 265°C in less than 15 minutes ►► Thanks to its chromium surface you can cook many different types of foods without mixing flavors ►► In addition, the characteristics of chromium guarantee perfect cleaning and brilliance at all times ►► The correct working temperature level is maintained in order to cook and grill foods evenly ►► A special cleaning...

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Electrolux Professional Libero Line ► 10 mm thick non-stick chromium surface ensures no heat dispersion into the atmosphere ► Fast and even cooking guaranteed throughout the chromium surface thanks to the innovative heating elements placed under the plate ► Single cooling fan only operates when necessary thus reducing noise levels ► 4 height adjustable feet ► Easy to use touch button control panel with temperature display ► Special "P” button to memorize a desired heating level for future use ► "MAX” button allows you to reach the highest temperature immediately type of food chicken breasts...

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Induction Wok Stir, fry and steam ethnic and traditional meals in a few seconds. Heat up and start cooking all kinds of stir fry and Asian style dishes, in addition to pasta, soups, scrambled eggs and more. ►► Maximise energy efficiency, thanks to the automatic pan detection which transfers power only when the pan is present ►► Maintains a comfortable work place since there is no heat emission into the environment but only to the magnetic induction pan ►► High impact, heavy duty ceramic glass Wok bowl (diam. 310 mm) for fast and easy cleaning ►► Easy to use digital power level display from...

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Electrolux Professional Libero Line SAFE No open flames or heated surfaces. No risk of burns since surface remains cool after cooking FAST Energy is directly transferred to the induction pan on contact. The iron particles in the pan are thermally activated thanks to the electro-magnetic field created by the inductors. No heat dispersion Energy required to heat 12 liters of water from 20° to 90°C EFFICIENT 90% of what you spend in energy is transferred to the pan. When the pan is removed the energy disappears Heat radiated from gas appliance (Efficiency 57%) Heat radiated from induction hot...

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Induction Cook Top Serve freshly cooked, exquisite dishes in record time. No heat loss during cooking allows you to quickly prepare pan-fried dishes while maintaining a perfect environment for your customers. ►► Reduce your running costs! Now, you can save up to 60% of energy by using induction cook tops ►► Surprise your customers by serving their favorite dishes in just a few minutes thanks to the fast heat up time of induction ►► Completely sealed heavy duty ceramic glass cooking surface (4 mm thick) for added durability ►► Smooth surfaces and rounded corners make cleaning operations...

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Electrolux Professional Libero Line ► Single zone appliance with spiral cooking area (diam. 270 mm) ► No pre-heating necessary. Quick availability and full heating power transferred directly to the bottom of the pan ► Energy savings, high efficiency and low operating costs ► Eliminate the risk of burns since the ceramic glass plate starts to cool down as soon as the pan is removed from the surface ► Control panel with digital power level display from 1 to 12. Quickly set the power levels by simply coming in contact with the up and down buttons Electrolux Professional Libero Line...

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Infrared Cook Top Quickly serve everything from breakfast to dessert. In a very compact space, you can start cooking perfectly sautéed or pan-fried foods or simply use it for regenerating and holding soups, sauces and stews. ►► Energy efficiency at its best thanks to the two independent double spiral ring heating zones ►► You can always count on the accuracy of the temperature setting with the infrared cook top ►► The most flexible cooking top: there are no pan restrictions. You can safely use stainless steel, copper, cast iron or mild steel pans depending on your needs. Various pans can be...

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Electrolux Professional Libero Line ► Single zone appliance with spiral cooking area (diam. 270 mm) ► Not only for cooking, can also be used as a food warmer or to maintain dishes at a desired temperature ► 4 height adjustable feet ensure complete stability ► Easy to use touch button control panel with temperature display ► Special "P” button to memorize a desired heating level for future use ► "MAX” button allows you to reach the highest temperature immediately Electrolux Professional Libero Line portions/hour portions/hour single zone 2 zones Productivity per hour chicken breasts 25 36...

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Libero Line HP High Quality High Efficiency High Performances

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Electrolux Professional Libero Line HP Induction Wok The HP Induction Wok is ideal for the preparation of ethnic foods or “à la minute” recipes requiring high temperatures and short cooking times. ►► With induction heating, the Wok pan reaches a high temperature quickly so meats and fish remain juicy and vegetables maintain their color, flavor and vitamins ►► Prepare healthier meals thanks to the concave form of the Wok which guarantees uniform heat and requires little fat for cooking ►► 9 power levels for precise temperature control ►► Save energy thanks to the automatic pan detection...

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