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Full Service Restaurants & Chains Electrolux Professional FryersHP

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“We have different sizes of kitchens, so space efficiency and flexibility are very important to keep in mind. But we also have a menu which is a combination of the magical traditions. So we need equipment that can fit all size kitchens and that are flexible to switch from one menu to another rendering work flow easy and fast guaranteeing quality and usability keeping consumption and maintenance in mind

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...we listen And that’s why the new generation of Electrolux Professional FryerHP helps keep your running costs lower and cook even better with innovative features such as Automatic Load Compensation and an Advanced Filtration System, all specifically designed for high productivity businesses and better cooking results High productivity food quality Less waste Food quality

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Faster, easier, crispier batch after batch Want to cut your running costs, optimize your workflow and serve perfectly fried food? Electrolux Professional FryerHP include new features to help boost your business = 38 kg of potatoes an hour per well * Standard Reference from ASTM F1361 - Deep Fat Fryers High Productivity + High Efficiency Higher Profit Fry more, better and faster. Super fast heat up and speedy temperature recovery ensure high performance and let you cook more batches in a shorter time. Higher productivity equals higher profit for your business

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Cut your running costs and oil consumption. Even the smallest of food particles are removed and oil life doubled with new paper filters. Better for your business. Better for the environment Consistent Cooking Results Perfectly cook different batch sizes of the same food, service after service, with Automatic Cooking Function. Cooking cycles are automatically adapted according to your load for guaranteed consistent results Set up to 5 programs for 5 different foods Work faster and eliminate user error by simply saving your favorite frying cycles to use again and again. Scheduling tasks is...

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Quicker, stress-free frying Cooking perfectly crisp food, portion after portion just got faster and easier. Time-saving Electrolux Professional Automatic Cooking Function takes the stress out of frying and automatically adjusts cooking parameters according to your load Big or small. Every batch of food is perfectly cooked Single portion Medium load Full load Did you know... Adjusting your fryer settings for each new batch of food massively slows down your productivity. Time-saving, new Automatic Load Compensation maximizes efficiency in your kitchen * Actual cooking times may vary according...

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Better for you better for the enviorment Stop wasting oil and cut your running costs with the easy to use, integrated Advanced Filtration System. Built in oil circulation pump makes cleaning and filtration operations faster and safer guaranteeing better food quality Advanced Filtration System Keep it clean. Advanced Filtration System* 2 stage filtration stainless steel filter removes largest particles additional paper filter ensures removal of even finest particles *Option available for all fryers fitted with oil recirculation pump What a difference the right filter makes Advanced...

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Flow through your day in 10 easy steps The 23 L FryerHP has been designed by you to make your work-life simple, fast and more efficient Once finished frying, wash in dishwashing and clo Clean the well and either pump oil or change it completely OPEN Assure filter is in place and that the drain valve is open Regular filtration helps extend oil life For easy and fast cleaning, use the sediment tray for the well and the deflectors Wait for oil to cool down *This is general data and may vary according to local conditions 8 Always respect oil level for better productivity

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Do not turn the fryer on without oil Check that the oil collecting container is in position and that the drain well is closed Switch on and set temperature or select program 180 °C* Heating time 10 minutes to reach temperature For a perfect crispiness assure that set temperature is reached Load and fry Avoid that ice or water mix with hot oil

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Perfect results load after load... Whatever your frying needs, the latest generation of Electrolux Professional FryerHP can make all the difference to your business Bars and Cafes 18 kg* of potatoes/hour Small fit, high productivity. The super compact 9 L FryerHP can fit even the smallest layout without compromising on efficiency and productivity. 9 L fryers can produce 18 Kg* of perfectly crisp food in an hour Full Service Restaurants 36 kg* of potatoes/hour Optimize workflow High productivity is guaranteed thanks to large capacity and quick temperature recovery medium *Productivity: data...

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Quick Service Restaurant 38 kg* of potatoes/hour Automatic Load Compensation and High Productivity Units When orders are flooding in, the super programmable 23 L FryerHP is the answer. Producing up to 38 kg an hour, you'll have no problem keeping up with demand guaranteeing food quality thanks to automatic cooking function and keep your oil clean thanks to oil recirculation pump and filtration system

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Frying tips select the right oil. The more saturated it is, the better use the accessories to avoid burning of food particles use of filters to guarantee longer oil life control time for healthier fried foods with the Automatic Cooking and Lifting System Accessories Get the most from your fryer by choosing from our full range of dedicated accessories Pack of Paper Filters for Advanced Filtration System Kit for Advanced Filtration System Stainless steel filter Sediment tray Unclog rods

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Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Anything you need is always available thanks to an extensive Customer Care global network with over 2,200 Authorized Electrolux Professional Service Partners in more than 149 countries. 10,000 professional technicians and over 170,000 managed spare parts Keep your equipment performing Service agreements, peace of mind Ensure consistent performance and efficiency from your equipment by using our comprehensive range of accessories, consumables and original spare parts. The perfect combination for your business Electrolux Professional appliances are built...

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