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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 1

Electrolux Professional Food Preparation Food Preparation

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 2

Safety comes first BPA free Your health is important to us, always. All plastic components in contact with food are BPA free. The absence of this chemical contribute to render the product safe for your health. Year after year, Electrolux Professional makes its customers' work-life easier, more profitable and truly sustainable every day.

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 3

Combined cutter/slicers Vegetable slicers Food processors Portable/Turbo mixers Planetary mixers Vegetable peelers Vegetable washers/dryers Complementary products

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 4

Multigreen Combined cutter-slicers The perfect combination. Vegetable slicer and cutter mixer all in one. Provide a variety of fresh cut vegetables as well as condiments and sauces. Powerful The powerful 370 W motor (1500 rpm) allows you to slice up to 250 kg of vegetables per hour or prepare 1 kg of mayonnaise quickly and easily. Versatile Easy to change from slicer to food processor in a matter of seconds. Sturdy 2,5 lt stainless steel or plastic bowl (depending on model). Perfect combination Perfect balance and design of the smooth blade rotor guarantee a rapid and constant mixing....

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 5

Wide load hopper with lever presses the vegetables against the discs ensuring an even cut. The loading of long shaped vegetables (carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, etc.) is through the long vegetable hopper integrated into the lever design (0 52 mm). Continuous feeding model. High discharge zone permits the use of containers up to 175 mm. Asynchronous motor for silent operation and longer life. Disc Model Size (mm) A safety microswitch stops the machine if the hopper/lid is opened during operation. External dimensions (wxdxh): 216x347x412mm

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 6

TRK 45 / 55 / 70 Combined cutter-slicers 3 in 1! With TRK your culinary creativity has no limits. A versatile machine able to prepare an entire menu from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. Versatile Easily change from a vegetable slicer to a food processor/emulsifier in a matter of seconds. User friendly Incly System: inclined motor base by 20° for better ejection of vegetables. Automatic speed limitation for vegetable slicer attachment. Asynchronous motor for silent operation and longer life. Waterproof and user friendly touch button control panel with pulse function for more precision. Easy to...

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 7

Cutter specifications Cutter-mixer attachment to mix, blend, chop, mince, emulsify and puree meats and vegetables Transparent lid with scraper for a better homogenization. Dedicated rotors with smooth or microtoothed blades as well as specific for emulsions. Stainless steel bowl with high chimney to increase the real liquid capacity, with round corners and ergonomic handle. Maximum speed up to 3700 rpm. Vegetable slicer specifications Vegetable slicer attachment for slicing, shredding, grating and dicing. Large and long vegetable hoppers integrated in the same design. Wide range of...

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 8

TRS / TRK S-shaped slicing discs Graters - 2 mm to 9 mm 2 mm 3 mm 4 mm 7 mm* 9 mm* for breadcrumbs / potatoes for parmesan / chocolate * and 9 mm discs are suitable to grate 7 mozzarella and semi-dry cheese

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 9

Unique and exclusive “S” shaped blades for greater efficiency and versatility in cutting. Stainless steel discs for maximum hygiene. 100% dishwasher safe. * to be combined with Slicers and Wavy slicers

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 10

K / TRK Rotors Smooth or micro-toothed blades to prepare everything from coarse meats to the finest creams. Smooth blade Micro-toothed blade Smooth emulsifier blade Ground meat Grated cheese Microtoothed emulsifier blad

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 11

Tomato sauce Mixed herbs

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 12

TRS Vegetable slicers Increased productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality and extreme sturdiness. Compact, powerful and easy to use Compact, powerful and with inclined base (20°) makes loading and unloading operations quick and easy. Able to slice, shred, grate and dice up to 550 kg/ hour. Long life and silent operation thanks to the durable stainless steel construction and asynchronous motor. Large hopper for higher output and processing of large size and unusual shaped vegetables. No need to pre-cut. Easy to clean Maximum cleanability due to the ergonomic design with rounded...

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 13

Ergonomic and user friendly Long vegetable hopper Large and long vegetable hopper integrated in the same design. User friendly waterproof control panel with pulse function for precise slicing. Touch control buttons Ergonomic, easy to lift lever: minimal pressure is required to process vegetables (for right or left hand use). Automatic start/stop function will stop the machine when the lever hopper is lifted and will restart automatically when lowered, to allow continuous feeding. Save time and effort Powerful lever remains in upright position so operator can freely use both hands to feed...

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 14

TR210 Vegetable slicers Even faster results to ensure quantity with high quality. Beyond great performance. Prepare from 100 to 1000 covers/day up to 2100 kg/h Slice, dice, shred, cut and julienne in record time

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 15

Easy and precise Easy loading of long and large vegetables with the stainless steel hopper. Stainless steel manual hopper (optional) Waterproof and easy to clean control panel (IP55). Precise cutting guaranteed with “Pulse” function. Stainless steel automatic hopper to cut large quantities of regular shaped fruit and vegetables. Asynchronous motor for silent operation and longer life. Stainless steel long vegetable hopper (optional) All the discs you want Myriad shapes for your original presentations. Wide range of stainless steel discs (205mm diameter) for more than 80 different cuts. Safe...

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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation - 16

TR260 with optional lever hopper and mobile stand Perfect slicing Slice up to 2500 kg/h thanks to automatic hopper, large cutting discs and powerful speed. Slow blade rotation for perfect slicing. 300 mm diameter discs guarantee high productivity. User friendly Safety device protects the operator by stopping the machine in case of misuse. User friendly waterproof control panel with pulse function and speed selector (only on 2 speed models) for precise slicing. Asynchronous motor for silent operation and longer life. Maximum versatility Combine motor base with a variety of optional...

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