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You talk... Help my business reduce running costs and stop us having to throw away so much food because it's no longer fresh enough to serve. We need to ensure our food is safe but also reduction in energy consumption and the best food quality! Maximum hygiene and cleanability at the same time. The kitchen staff ask me unbeatable sturdiness and more stocking capacity! We have always considered customer insight first, introducing innovative technological solutions throughout the years, with dedication to reducing energy consumption and sustainability. We were the first to eliminate hazardous...

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Efficiency Use up to 65% less energy than standard cabinets. Capacity On average, 50 liters more available space, compared to equivalent cabinets in the market. Best-in-Class! Performance The perfect solution for the best preservation of your food. Hygiene Hygiene and cleanability are no longer a concern.

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The customer always comes first ecostore A+++ A++ A+ A B C D E F G ENERGIA · ЕНЕРГИЯ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑ · ENERGIJA ENERGY · ENERGIE · ENERGI 80% total savings Electrolux Professional ecostoreHP Class A Cabinets use up to 80% less energy* than standard cabinets. The label complies with the delegated regulation (UE) 2015/1094 of the commission of 5th may 2015. Wire-frame condenser Clean-free to guarantee high performances at all times. LCD Touch screen Innovative touch display for easy and clear operation. OptiFlow Vertical and horizontal air circulation for optimal temperature uniformity. Innovative...

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ecostore Premium: the next generation of advanced digital electronics. * ecostore Touch: innovative touch screen for worry-free control. * ecostore: intuitive digital control and hygienic design. * est products of Europe: the products shown on Topten.eu are B the best products on the European market. This evidence on the Best Available Technology (BAT) supports policy makers, experts and researchers in their work regarding European product most notably Energy Labels and Ecodesign requirements. Since 2009 Topten's work in favour of effective policy measures is supported by the European...

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Low energy consumption... With the Electrolux Professional ecostoreHP Refrigerated Cabinets you can cut your electricity bill by 80% and save up to 830 €/year by using only 350 kWh in one year!* Total energy savings thanks to: Ecient components 10% Frost Watch Control HFC, HCFC & CFC free Cyclopentane foaming Electrolux Professional ecostore Refrigerated Cabinets use up to 80% less energy* than standard cabinets thanks to the perfect combination of various innovative features: Electrolux Professional Refrigerators and Freezers are foamed with cyclopentane, a hydrocarbon (HC) gas that does...

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...and the highest efficiencyMaximum reduction in energy consumption and the best food quality! Frost Watch Control4 ecostore Touch saves energy by defrosting only when necessary. Frost Watch Control4 is a patented algorithm* which elaborates information either from the 4 probes installed or from the built-in memory based on the usage of the unit (number of door openings, duration of door opening, etc.) reducing the number of needed defrost cycles. The defrost cycle is activated only when there is ice build-up in the evaporator and terminates as soon as the ice has melted. Frost Watch...

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What is OptiFlow? OptiFlow assures air passes between the shelves as well as over the stored items, resulting in optimal temperature uniformity and increased savings in energy consumption. How? In standard cabinets, powerful fans are needed in order to move the air throughout the internal cabinet thus consuming a large amount of energy. The more resistance in the air's path, the more energy is consumed. In the ecostore Refrigerated Cabinets*, the shape of the condenser has been developed to minimize resistance in the passage of the air, reducing its depth, thus guaranteeing the best cooling...

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Best-in-class performance The high quality of your food will not be compromised! Electrolux Professional Refrigerators are the perfect solution for the best preservation of your food. In less than 60 seconds after closing the door, the temperature of the ecostore Refrigerated Cabinet (set at +2°C) will return to the safe zone (+3°C). DANGER ZONE Maintaining a high quality of food is not a simple matter, especially in professional kitchens where the doors of the refrigerators are opened and closed repeatedly during the day, causing temperature variations (the main cause of bad preservation...

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Maximum storage in a compact footprint ► 670 liter capacity in 0,58 m2. ► 50 liters more available space. ► Increased available space minimizes running costs per liter. ► Maximum internal space is recovered, thanks to the hidden evaporator and the new component layout ► 44 grid level positions available for increased loading capacity (can support 40 kg per grid). ► Suitable for GN 2/1 containers and pastry trays 600x400 mm (with an optional accessory). Exceptional sturdiness ► Internal and external full AISI 304 stainless steel construction (on selected models). ► Stainless steel feet for...

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Maximum hygiene and cleanability With the new Electrolux Professional ecostore Refrigerated Cabinets, hygiene and cleanability are no longer a concern. Fully removable internal components Air conveyors, runners, supports and grids are removable without tools for more convenient cleaning operations. Removable runners, support and grids Hygiene and cleanability E asily removable “balloon” profiled magnetic door gasket. C lean-free wire frame condenser (WFC) guarantees high performances at all times (on selected models). Removable magnetic door gaskets Clean-free condenser D oor handle...

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ecostore Touch Innovative LCD touch screen display for easy and clear operation. Just choose the food category and the new ecostore Touch will do the rest.. ecostore Touch will guide you through the 4 main work areas (Category, Manual, Settings and HACCP) in addition to the Turbo Cooling and Manual Defrost features. 4. HACCP control area 5 pre-set food categories, just select the correct category for your specific food load and ecostore Touch will adjust all parameters automatically. For a precise setting of temperature and humidity level according to specific user requirements. Possibility...

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