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Clean, sanitize, decontaminate: How to choose your solution.

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Cleaning in the spotlight For some businesses, cleaning, sanitization and decontamination are really important issues; they have a significant impact on procedures and organization and, ultimately, on their bottom line and sustainability. These businesses have to deal with a range of significant risk factors with respect to washing staff uniforms and equipment, and they must focus on cleaning as one of the main themes in running the business itself. The question here is “do they know the best solutions to assure the cleaning level they require”? How to get the needed level of cleaning? Our...

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Target for this paper are companies that handle internally their own cleaning, and companies that provide cleaning services at different levels. This paper aims to highlight significant problems in cleaning and decontamination, and to provide concrete solutions that many businesses often underestimate. The targets for this paper are both companies that handle their own cleaning in-house and firms that provide cleaning services at different levels (standard cleaners but also advanced cleaning services that handle special, high-level cleaning). The goal is to illustrate options and...

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Cleaning levels Each business has (or does not have, as the case may be) its own cleaning needs. These cleaning needs can be grouped into two spheres, both of which concern the risks to the business posed by inefficient cleaning. The target affected by the risks of cleaning failure The scale measuring the risks of cleaning failure In the first case, the risks from inadequate cleaning of garments, staff uniforms and equipment impact products or services, which can end up being damaged. Examples of these situations range from the disruption of hotel services wh en linen is not adequately...

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The situation is much more serious when the risk impacts people, so compliant cleaning is even more important.

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We can identify 3 dimensions for cleaning-related risks: low, medium/high and specific. The low-risk dimension The cleaning risk in businesses where failure to meet cleaning needs does not cause harm to people (employees or users) or disruption to products/ services is low; in these cases, either cleaning is not needed, or it can be easily obtained. As an example, standard manufacturing businesses like furniture or stock mechanical parts producers normally do not have to concern themselves overmuch with cleaning uniforms and tools used during the manufacturing process. This dimension...

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The specific-risk dimension for specific needs The specific-risk dimension occurs when cleaning needs go beyond the usual standards and technologies available in the market, and require both special technologies and an approach based in a clear vision of laundry and a deep understanding of the processes. In such situations entire batches of a valuable product may be destroyed or people may be seriously harmed by failures in the cleaning system. The aforementioned “cleanrooms” in microelectronics production are an example of the first issue, while health protection for firefighters is an...

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We can use the three main dimensions for gauging cleaning needs to build a matrix. The matrix can serve as a "map" to identify the relative position of a company in terms of cleaning needs. This matrix can be used by companies doing their own cleaning to pinpoint the best technologies they need for their issues, or by professional cleaning services to sort their client base. This way, they'll have all the information they need to decide which cleaning technologies are best for them.

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As we said earlier, the matrix can help to identify the most appropriate technologies to use in industrial cleaning. These technologies can, in turn, be sorted into levels, according to their impact on the organization and its procedures, and to the complexity, structure and newness of the operations involved. Level 1: Standard Industrial Cleaning / Low Risk At this level, there is little or no risk connected to failures in cleaning, and almost none of the companies with the need for this level of cleaning use special technologies. Cleaning services are outsourced to specialized companies,...

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This needs level encompasses medium-to-high risks, where considerable economic loss in products and harm to people come into the picture. Many companies at this level consider cleaning to be a strategic operation, so they often have their own in-house cleaning facility. The best technology to address cleaning needs in these cases is the barrier washer: a professional laundry solution aimed at preventing cross-contamination and assuring total cleaning of all sorts of linen and uniforms. Barrier washer is both the name of an appliance and the actual laundry process: the appliance has specific...

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Pii^hi June] id i Iran CcfcLmj p*-*ewUfig ►end Kxrcs Fractr fstKbcn Barrier washers are professional laundry solutions that help prevent cross contamination and grant thorough cleaning for different wares or equipments.

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This is the highest level of cleaning need, where human lives are at stake either immediately or in the long run. In this case, setting up a barrier washer laundry solution is not enough: special needs are involved, and depending on the case, the washing procedure itself may be insufficient. Particular decontamination procedures, or the necessity to have separate washing processes for different gear and equipment underpin the pursuit of comprehensive solutions, requiring different appliances to be used in the cleaning cycle. Still, the most important issue here is the washing technology...

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Building a laundry solution for a Specific Need Electrolux Professional/Decontex case study

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The issue: protecting the protectors All firefighters wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), also known as turnout or bunker gear, normally composed of helmet, suit (jacket and trousers) gloves, boots and a SCBA (Self-contained breathing apparatus). PPE is the only protection firefighters wear during an operation, and it is exposed to a number of contaminating agents even during the simplest maneuvers of putting out a fire (let alone the ones involving “special” fires from burning of chemicals, or actions among debris and powders from collapsed buildings). Most of these agents, such as...

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