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Electrical Retail Brochure 2012 Deliciously simple Combining steam with heat when cooking Infinite possibilities that fits your pots and pans

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Behind the Inspiration Range from Electrolux lies nearly a century of building professional kitchens and laundries. All Electrolux Inspiration built in and freestanding appliances come with a free 1 -year parts and labour The majority of our Electrolux Inspiration range come with a free 2-year parts and labour guarantee. We also have a selection of freestanding products that come with a free 5-year parts and labour guarantee. Keep a look out for the 2 and 5 year guarantee icons beside each product

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with heat A hob that fits your Open-plan living washing machine real life Load your system keeps your food fresher Find your inspiration Compact range Electric hobs Domino hobs Freestanding cookers Freestanding microwaves Wine cellar Fridges & freezers Washing machines Washer dryers Specification tables Food centre Freestanding fridge-freezers

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Nothing is extraneous. To ultimate functionality, our Everything is carefully design team brings elegant considered. And in the clean simplicity, with an emphasis architectural lines and soft on the use of pure materials curves, you'll notice echoes and sophisticated textures. from the world around us today; modem architecture, contemporary product design and interior design trends. keywords: modern, Thomas Johansson Design Director, Choose any combination from our Inspiration Range to best suit you, your home and the way you live. You'll know that everything will come together integrated...

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For 90 years, we've been supplying equipment to the world's most prestigious restaurants as well as professional laundries. restaurant Wtchens, We're the only global brand with a full range of both professional and domestic kitchen appliances. Brand leaders gone into creating the Electrolux Inspiration Range. Every leading appliance features an innovation first tested and developed with professionals.

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The Cube A moving experience… The Cube by Electrolux will be travelling around Europe. Places are limited to just 18 guests at each lunch and dinner sitting. To discover more or reserve a table, visit Ultimate inspiration The Cube by Electrolux combines exceptional culinary experiences against the backdrop of some of the most iconic views in the world. Recently appearing on top of historic European buildings in Brussels, Milan and Stockholm, we are delighted to announce that The Cube by Electrolux is in London on the roof of The Royal Festival Hall from 1st June...

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your kitchen with understated premium design we deliver ultimate functionality and elegant simplicity. Always using pure materials to acheive sophisticated textures and pure architectural lines.

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trough innovation, Electrolux aims to set the standard for sustainability and lead the way in resource efficiency water conservation and safety, Sustainability Indexes y Electrolux has a strong track record in sustainable operations -' among the world's sustainability i Sustainability (DJSI) World Index jj for the fifth consecutive year. J DJSI World includes the performers among the world's is core to Electrolux's business water and energy efficient consumer insight, and helps us provide consumers with products", says Henrik Vice President Group Five vacuum cleaners were made from plastic...

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Cooking Ovens Single Ovens Double Ovens 26–27 Compact Range Cooking 20–24 28–37 Hobs Gas Hobs 38–45 Electric Hobs 46–57 Domino Hobs 58–61 Hoods Hoods 62–71 Freestanding Cookers Microwaves 12 For an explanation on our icons please refer to the inside back cover. 72–79 80–81 13

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From touch control to food probes, discover a world of innovation, Here are some highlights from across our oven range, Velvet close. Soft close door action. the oven door remains just 20° warmer than room temperature. with five flexible shelf positions. 20% larger oven door window. Move around the menu effortlessly using the touch control, with icon and text energy than A class models* *20% more energy-efficient compared to the limit of energy efficiency class A (1,00 kWh)for large ovens (> 65 I) calculated according to EU Precise cooking FoodProbe into your food. The oven will do the...

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How innovation across our Inspiration Range helps you in the home. 20% bigger than standard InfiSpace™ Tray Standard tray cooking space available Advanced engineering external oven dimensions. capacity with a maximum of five shelf positions, giving you the flexibility to cook more dishes at Standard capacity Extra space InfiSpace™ capacity Powerful, even cooking, wherever you place your dish. The larger fan cover size, with its enhanced design, circulates air more efficiently, for consistent results on every shelf. This allows you to cook even on multiple shelf levels uniform cooking We've...

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Cooking Directly inspired by working with top chefs, who regularly combine steam with conventional heat to get the best results from their ingredients quicker. 18 Quarter Steam (CrispSteam) m (CrispSteam) Cr spSt am) pSt Simply select the CrispSteam e CrispSteam rispSte m spS programme, to combine comb n combine quarter-steam with heat to get mouthwatering tenderness inside with a crisp and golden outside. Half Steam (SoftSteam) am (SoftSteam) m SoftSteam) tSteam) Or choose the SoftSteam the SoftSteam se th SoftStea Ste programme, using half-steam me, usin ha f s e m e, using half-steam alf...

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Inspiration design CombiSteam™ Deluxe. By combining steam cooking with a hot air function, you can delight your guests with healthy and tasty dishes that are juicy inside under a wonderful crust Get the repertoire of a chef, without the hard work! This oven's touch screen with white display takes you intuitively through the menus straight Get the same level of insight as a professional chef with our food probe. Select how you want to cook your food, and the food probe will alert you when it's Technical info 1 Steam cleaning programme leaves you with a professionally clean oven 1 Extra large...

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