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Attribute Name Model Denomination Number of electric cooking zones Number of electric cooking areas Heating technology (induction cooking zones and cooking areas, radiant cooking zones, solid plates) per electric cooking zone and/or area Radiant Heater For circular cooking zones or area: diameter of Left Front useful surface area per electric heated cooking Left Rear zone, rounded to the nearest 5 mm Right Front Right Rear Left Front Energy consumption per cooking zone or area calculated per kg Left Rear ECelectric cooking Right Front ECelectric cooking Right Rear ECelectric cooking Energy consumption for the hob calculated per kg EN 60350-2 - Household electric cooking appliances -- Part 2: Hobs - Methods for measuring performance" Suggestions for a correct use in order to reduce the environmental impact: • When you heat up water, use only the amount you need. • If it is possible, always put the lids on the cookware. • Before you activate the cooking zone put the cookware on it. • Put the smaller cookware on the smaller cooking zones. • Put the cookware directly in the centre of the cooking zone. • Use the residual heat to keep the food warm or

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