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Catalogue 2020 - 2

12 Stick 18 Nucli 24 Plise 28 Cuca 34 Cloche 40 Quadra 48 Twice

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Catalogue 2020 - 3

Pendant lamps Lámparas colgantes Floor lamps Lámparas de pie Pendant lamps Lámparas Colgantes Wall lights Apliques Table lamps Lámparas de sobremesa Table lamps Lámparas de sobremesa Floor lamps Lámparas de pie

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Catalogue 2020 - 5

Joan Genebat “The challenge and main objective is to successfully convey the desired sensations. Light has contrasting characters and personalities; we discover them step by step...” “Conseguir transmitir sensaciones es el reto y el objetivo mas grande. La luz tiene caracteresy personalidades muy diferentes, se van conociendo poco a poco...” Francesc Crous “What I intend with design is to explore with the material and its formal behavior, and together with the details that define the object, a harmonious link be established with the user. My interest lies in the identity of things and how...

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Catalogue 2020 - 7

The STICK luminaire arises from a very simple concept: two cylindrical shapes that meet together. Between the wooden structure and the textile shade, the linear LED light source is hidden. STICK manages to transmit an inspiring environment from the simplicity of its materials, the search for a formal solution with high-quality light and materials. The two versions: standing and hanging, can be integrated into any architecture or interior environment, thanks to its pure and essential design, as well as being warm and cozy. La luminaria STICK surge de un concepto muy simple: dos formas...

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Catalogue 2020 - 9

Luminaire made of natural matt finish beech wood and cream colour linen shade (ref. ALW). The base of the floor version is finished in beech wood and lacquered metallic disc, which provides great stability. Includes highly-efficient LED light technology - 130lm/W- and light quality -CRI>80. Luminaria fabricada en madera de haya acabado mate naturaly pantalla en lino color crema (ref. ALW). Base del modelo de pie acabado en madera de haya y disco metalico lacado, que aporta gran estabilidad. Incluye tecnologfa de iluminacion LED de gran eficiencia - i3olm/W- y calidad lumfnica -CR!>8o. Its...

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Catalogue 2020 - 10

In NUCLI two fine materials, glass and ceramic, live in harmony. Both share raw materials and processes; quartz, temperature and many years of history. Its hand lathing shade transmits the care and nobility of the craftsman. In every line, each one of his decisions is marked forever, creating perfect imperfections. It contrasts the regular glass sphere that appears from the interior, enhancing its prominence when it emits light and heat. NUCLI is a timeless piece with different finishes and textures that provide warmth and elegance. It comes in two diameters: 16 and 27cm, to adapt to the...

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Catalogue 2020 - 12

Ceramic shade with slip surrounding, fired at 1040°. Available in three different shades: blue-grey, clay red and off-white. Matt opal blown glass sphere diffuser. The ceiling rosette and the electric cable are black Available in three or five piece compositions for the 16cm diameter version. Luminaire suitable for outdoor use. IP54 enclosure. Includes efficient LED bulb technology. ref TYPE A B0 C Pantalla de ceramica con engobe vitrificado, cocida a 1040°. Disponible en tres tonos diferentes: gris-azulon, arcilla roja y blanco crudo. Difusor de esfera de vidrio soplado en opal mate....

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Catalogue 2020 - 13

PLISE, as its name suggests, reclaims the folding system to shape the interior hanging luminaries. PLISE, como su nombre indica, recupera el sistema de pliegues para dar forma a unas luminarias de suspensión de interior. The development of the pleated geometry and its simple folding, allows to combine its large size with a compact and reduced packaging that makes it transport-friendly. The set of folds that form the conical lampshade, draw a circular matrix of light and shadow on the material. El conjunto de pliegues que forman la pantalla cónica, traza una matriz circular de luz y sombra...

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Catalogue 2020 - 14

Luminaire with a cotton textile shade and an opaque white PVC acetate interior to improve its light reflection. Textile material available in three finishes: ref. AOB,AOR y AOS. The shade is fixed between two metallic pieces: inner reflector and exterior trim, lacquered in white (RAL9003). Both provide enogh firmness. White metallic rosette and black silicone cable. Available in two versions: Integral LED with indirect light projection and an E27 bulb system solution for diffused light. (Bulb not included) White metallic rosette and black silicone cable Luminaria con pantalla textil de...

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Catalogue 2020 - 15

by Crous Calogero, (Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero) This new outdoor collection, consisting of standing, floor, table and hanging lamps, is characterised by its organic shapes and warmth, defining features of our models. The shades in the form of elliptical globes are braided, reminiscent of malacca, with a new neoprene material coated with a fabric suitable for outdoors, while the interior is a large opal triplex glass sphere. Sus pantallas con forma de globo elíptico se presentan trenzadas, recordando al ratán, con un nuevo material de neopreno recubierto de textil apto para...

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Catalogue 2020 - 16

tratamiento para exterior (nanoforesis), RAL7032 and braided with UV-treated Luminarias de estructura metálica con pintada en gris RAL7032 y trenzado con flecked textile material. Lights with metal structure treated for outdoors (nanophoresis), painted in grey material textil jaspeado tratamiento UV. Standing model with stainless steel arm (AISI-304) and grey polyester (RAL7032) finish. White polymer concrete base. Modelo de pie con brazo de acero inoxidable (AISI-304 ) acabado en pintura gris (RAL7032) de poliéster. Base en hormigón polímero blanco. Pendant lamp with fleuron and black...

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Catalogue 2020 - 18

Cloche evokes memories of the Roaring Twenties. It is an indoor/outdoor hanging lamp, combining elegance and naturalness. Made out of locally sourced cork, the LED module is covered with a perforated metal visor in anthracite grey or off white. It also comes with an indoor LED bulb. Decorative and close to nature, for highlighting family and leisure areas. Cloche nos evoca el recuerdo de esos locos años 20 del siglo pasado. Es una suspensión indoor/ outdoor que combina elegancia y naturalidad. Fabricada en corcho autóctono de nuestra zona, cubre su módulo LED con una visera de metal...

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