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Fabricated Steel Access Covers & Drainage Gratings

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Fabricated Steel Products Peter Savage Ltd is part of EJ Over our 40 year history Peter Savage Ltd has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of access covers and drainage gratings in the UK, offering the UK's Largest Range. In 2015 we were purchased by EJ. As part of EJ, Peter Savage Ltd joined a global enterprise with a presence on five continents including sales and distribution offices, best-in-class manufacturing facilities and R&D centres. EJ is a family business with safety and environmental considerations at the core of the manufacturing process. Our...

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Fabricated Steel Products Table of Contents Product PS1800/1850 - Deep Frame Single/Twin PS1680 Deep - Flush Multiple PS1700 /1750- Shallow Frame Single/Twin Garrison™ High Security PS3150/3350- Heavy Duty Single/Twin PS3650 - Heavy Duty Multiple PS4350 - Heavy Duty Duct PS3700/3750 - FACTA D Loading Single/Twin PS3800 - FACTA D Loading Multiple PS4600 - FACTA D Loading Duct PS3900 - Double Seal/Double Cover PS4500/4550 - Stainless Steel Single/Twin Block Paving Type Recessed Tray Type KS20 - Single Hinged Solid Top KS30 - Single Recessed Block Pavior PS7000 - Slide-out Pavior Recessed...

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Peter Savage Limited have been supplying the Building, Civil Engineering and Utility industries since 1976. Over this period we have become one of the most successful companies for the supply of access covers, gully gratings and associated products. Our uncompromising ethos to quality and service has increased our stature within the industry and elevated us to one of the strongest companies in this sector. Precision Cutting Our laser cutting machines mean that our fabricated steel covers and frames are made to precise measurements and can be designed to suit individual customer needs....

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For 40 years, we have been at the forefront of product innovation. Innovation & Development We have a history of early innovations and through a dedication to research and development are able to state with confidence that we have the UK's largest range of Access Covers and Drainage Gratings. Having such a scope of products has enabled us to supply some of the UK's most demanding and prestigious projects.

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Shared commitment. Common bond. Global expertise. Local understanding. Our people: Our core strength. We've been on parallel paths: committed to creating the best infrastructure access solutions for our customers and backing them with unparalleled customer care. This commitment is our common bond. It melts distance, cultures and language. It's what strengthens us as a company under our name EJ. As a worldwide company, we excel at serving our customers by leveraging our global and local strengths. To ensure every customer benefits from our global learning we collaborate across departments....

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Our iron foundry is located in Picardie, France. Employing 600 people with a 100,000 tonnes capacity, 42 hectares (over 100 acres). We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for: quality, management, environment and health and safety. Located in Birr, Ireland we have a fabricated steel facility. Management system certification includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for quality, environment, health and safety. Located in Ardennes, France, we have another fabrication facility containing the most advanced technology in Europe such as plasma cutting & robotic...

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Quality, Safety, Management Quality Assurance Safety First Management Efficiency FACTA Trade Association We are founder members of FACTA (Fabricated Access Cover Trade Association). FACTA are an association of the industry's leading manufacturers with over 150 years of combined experience. FACTA has liaised closely with BSI in producing a specification for fabricated access covers which has become an industry recognised standard. CHAS Health & Safety We are well aware of our responsibilities and have therefore made industrial safety our top priority. The health & safety of the men and women...

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Quality & Experience Another contributing element to our success is the quality and experience of our employees. Their dedication and hard work symbolises the will of the company to ensure that customers, specifiers and contractors alike are provided the very highest level of service. Our staff have unrivalled product and market knowledge which in many cases has been gained through long term service and previous experience within the industry.

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Fabricated Steel Products Fabricated Steel Introduction

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Fabricated Steel Products Fabricated Steel Introduction Our fabricated steel products are designed and manufactured in our UK fabrication facility. This flexibility allows us to meet individual customers' requirements. Our vast product range includes: Chequer Plate Solid Top Covers Assisted Lift Solid Top Covers Recessed Trays for Concrete Infill Recessed Block Paving Covers Drainage Gratings Extensive Range of Specialised Products All of our fabricated steel products are designed in house by our technical design team who use both 2D and 3D modelling to simulate products prior to...

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Fabricated Steel Products Fabricated Steel FACTA Loading Classifications Peter Savage are founder members of FACTA, an association set up in 1993 by leading manufacturers of steel access covers and frames to promote a standard for steel products. FACTA has been very successful and has become a well specified standard within the UK construction industry. We are proud to be associated with FACTA and recommend that this standard is used when specifying steel access covers and frames. FACTA Class Comparison** Wheel Loads Wheel Loads EN 124 Class Wheel Loads Load Test Data Test 1 (Service) Test...

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Fabricated Steel Products Fabricated Steel Project Examples Project 2012 London Olympic Games PS3100 Medium Duty Recessed Tray Type PS300 Hinged Solid Top Cover PS2100 Multiple Solid Top Cover & Frame PS1600 Spring Assisted Special Cover & Frame Trinity College, Cambridge PS4500 Stainless Steel Special Recess Tray Bathing Waters, South West Water PS1600 Spring Assisted Cover & Frame PS1650 Twin Spring Assisted Cover & Frame PS1680 Multiple Spring Assisted Cover & Frame London Bridge Station, London PS6000 Recess Block Pavior Cover & Frame PS6700 Twin Recess Block Pavior Cover & Frame PS6800...

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