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Iron Access Covers, Gully Gratings & Surface Boxes Access Covers D 400 AXIS™ Hinged Access Covers ULTRA™ Specification Manufactured to BS EN 124 class D 400 BSI Kitemarked for third party assurance of quality ULTRA™ products comply with HA 104 ULTRA™ products comply with BS 7903 Suitable for carriageways and fast moving traffic AMP™ patented anti-movement technology frames Maximum effort required to open hinged cover less than 25 Kg/f Supplied locked as standard with single captive bolt Sequenced opening for ease of use Frame mechanical lifting points Non-rock three point suspension for stability and silent operation Ductile iron to ISO 1083 for improved weight to strength ratio Black coated finish High Security Locking Badging e.g. FW, SW, Motorway Comms Sealing Plates Pressure Plates Safety Grids Security Plates Standard Sizes Weight D/Tri (kg) Lids

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