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Pure Vision. True Precision. Express every detail exactly as you envision with ColorEdge.

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Contrast Ratio Color Gamut Size Native Resolution Pixel Pitch HDR Gamma Calibration Sensor Network Connection USB Type-C Power Delivery Automatic Recalibration Time to Stabilize Input Terminals Shared Features Smooth Gradations Flexible Stand *Excludes CG3146

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Pixel Pitch Contrast Ratio Native Resolution Color Gamut Optional Accessory Optional Accessory Optional Accessory Optional Accessory Automatic Recalibration Network Connection HDR Gamma Calibration Sensor USB Type-C Power Delivery Features for M&E USB Type-C Input Terminals Shared Features Smooth Gradations Flexible Stand

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 5

The C o l o rE d g e Amb a s s a d o r P rogram show cases professi onal photographers, desi gner s, f ilm ma k e rs , a n d o th e r c re a ti v es w ho are commi tted to i nspi ri ng and educati ng artist s a round the w orl d of al l l evel s. Photography Precision every pro can rely on. Filmmaking For professionals, ColorEdge stands for absolute precision and reliability. Whether your subjects are people, landscapes, wildlife, or something else, ColorEdge faithfully reproduces every tone, and detail with exceptional accuracy. Studi o Shooti ng See more Ambassadors on EIZO's website....

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 6

Engage in your creative passions. Enjoy creating with peace of mind. ColorEdge offers the perfect balance of color accuracy and comfort Enjoy illustrating your personal projects comfortably with for aspiring creatives and enthusiasts of all levels. Engage in your ColorEdge. Every color and detail displays correctly so you can stay passions with conf idence knowing that what you see is what you get every time.

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 7

Terminator: Dark Fate VFX Brought to Life with ColorEdge Post Production World's First 4K HDR Hand-Drawn Animation Project Streamlined workf low for any size project. from shooting to color grading to ensure creators and editors view a calibration, HDR, and other features for world-class video production, ColorEdge is a reliable partner for every studio. F i l m S h o o t ing Vi d e o E d i t i ng The monitors have made a monumental improvement to our workflow. We can view and produce 4K HDR material, the artists feel they can trust what they are seeing is accurate, and the self-calibration...

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 8

Consistent images at every step of the process. The perfect print result. Using ColorEdge throughout the design and printing workf low ColorEdge ensures that what you see on the screen prints exactly as ensures the same color information is shared at each step of the you expect in the final output. Deliver precise prints that accurately process. Rest assured that images display consistently at each ref lect digital f iles without needing to carry out costly reprints. designer workstation for a reliable end result.

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 9

Case ColorEdge Users Learn more From the IC chip to unique software, ColorEdge is built from the ground up in-house to ensure the highest precision. EIZO's rigorous quality control and high production standards ensure that every monitor is accurate when it leaves the factory. True Reproducibility for the Perfect Image ColorEdge monitors are individually adjusted in-house at EIZO's factory by using one of the color industry’s highest end, professional spectrophotometers. Red (R), green (G), and blue (B) gamma values are measured from 0 – 255, then the monitor’s 16-bit or 24-bit LUT* is used...

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 10

Built-In Calib ratio n Se ns or t o A utom ate Yo ur Workf low CG Series monitors are equipped with a built-in sensor*, designed and manufactured by EIZO, which can be set to calibrate the monitor automatically at designated times. This eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and ensures your screen stays color accurate. The CG319X, CG2700X, and CG2700S feature the latest sensor technology, allowing you to continue to use the monitor even during recalibration. *Japan patent no. 4588044, 5202654, 4809453, 6283555 High Resolution for Extreme Detail ColorEdge offers both DCI...

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 11

3D LUT for Accurate Color Display Scientif ic and Technical Award The Academy's Scientific and Technical Awards honor individuals and companies whose innovations have contributed in significant and lasting ways to motion pictures. In February 2021, EIZO was honored to receive the esteemed award for its ColorEdge CG Series with built-in calibration sensors. The 3D LUT adjusts colors individually on an RGB cubic table which improves the monitor's additive color mixture. This is key to displaying neutral gray and other tones. The CG3146 is equipped with a Single-Link 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI and Dual-...

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 12

Sleek, User-Friendly Design ColorEdge monitors feature unobtrusive bezels so you can stay comfortable and focus more on the screen. The handle on the back of the monitor allows you to easily move it to another location. Slim Bezels Single Cable Connection with USB Type-C ® The CG2700X, CG2700S, CS2740, and CS2731 are equipped with USB Type-C for easily connecting a notebook PC using a single cable. Simply plug in and get creative without worrying about additional cable clutter. CG2700X and CG2700S additionally feature over 90 W power delivery for reliably charging a MacBook Pro or other...

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Pure Vision. True Precision - 13

Color Management Software High-Precision Color Management ColorNavigator 7 is EIZO's unique color management software solution for adjusting and maintaining color accura- cy of ColorEdge monitors. It makes Calibration is a method by which a monitor's calibration simple and produces predict- target value using a dedicated sensor. display characteristics are adjusted to a Software calibration modifies the signal from able results for all creative f ields. your graphics board and is available for conventional monitors. ColorEdge monitors and ColorNavigator 7 carry out hardware calibration,...

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For studios with multiple monitors For printing photos at home Easy Screen-to-Print Color Matching Tool Adjusting conventional monitors one by one takes time. ColorNavigator Network provides centralized quality control of ColorEdge monitors for studios, printing houses, and other enterprises with multiple creators and editors who work on shared projects. With NetAgent or ColorNavigator 7 installed on the workstation, administrators can remotely manage multiple ColorEdge monitors on the network. ColorNavigator Network Secure Cloud Server Studio A Simplify the Color Matching Process Monitor...

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