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Feel at home Most will agree that you get the best travel experience when a distinctive hotel profile is successfully combined with a sprinkling of home comforts. Carpet is a strong vehicle for creating a unique design expression in the lobby, corridor, restaurant or hotel room and nothing beats the luxurious feeling of soft carpet under your feet. In addition, a carpet absorbs much of the sound that hits its surface while also reducing sounds from adjoining rooms and corridors to provide ideal conditions for holidaymakers and business travellers to relax. A Textural Selection of the ReForm...

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ReForm Legend The Legend collection is a contemporary and honest interpretation of traditions, folklore and the enchanted wood. Its rich multilevel loop texture reflects the coarse mix of tree bark, twigs, moss and leaves creating a blanket of simple organic patterns. With Legend, you bring the layered, natural structures of the forest floor into the hospitality sector. The pinpoint details of grey and black space dyed yarns enhance the visual texture and assist soil hiding. Legend is your green carpet choice based on regenerated ECONYL® yarns produced from fishing nets and other waste...

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ReForm Matrix The Matrix collection features a three dimensional structure inspired by the combination of vertical and horizontal lines thus creating a matrix. This geometric e ­ xpression makes your thoughts travel to impressive iron gates with beautiful grids, metallic floors on production sites and materials intertwined into each other. The look is raw and industrial. Matrix is made in regenerated and regenerable ECONYL® yarns produced from used fishing nets and other waste materials that are reborn as strong and hardwearing carpet yarns. Available as broadloom and tiles, 27 different...

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ReForm Memory There is a natural beauty in timeworn textiles that carries strong memories of time and place. Vintage linen and velvet show their original craft and their imperfections; nuanced colours have sentimental value. The Memory collection acknowledges the importance of looking back, recalling past skills and crafts and re-interpreting them by using digital manufacturing techniques. The marriage of a complex s ­ tructured multilevel loop and digital colouration gives the collection a unique expression. Produced in ECONYL® yarns based on used fishing nets and other waste materials...

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Una Crystalline Inspired by the crystals' geometric and raw edges, the collection represents natural forces of sharpness and brutality that are elegantly refined by the systematic precision in the shape of this sculptural phenomenon. The regularity of a crystal is truly reflected in the pattern. Crystalline is a multilevel loop collection, being a high quality yet budget friendly alternative to the ReForm collections. The minimalist and stylish expression is comparable to the look of ReForm and the fact that Crystalline is made from solution dyed yarns reflects in the price and...

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Una Tinta The Tinta collection adds a compelling tint of elegance to any hospitality flooring. The voluminous and multidimensional structure brings an exciting yet minimalist expression to any interior. Inspired by shadows created from the sun shining through a window with wooden mullions, the geometric pattern is defined by balanced vertical and horizontal lines. Dwell with the feeling of a tint of daylight changing in colour, intensity and shape through this window grid during the day. Produced in solution dyed yarns Tinta offers a high quality yet budget friendly alternative to the...

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eTL = internal result from the ege Test Laboratory Due to continuous development of products and testing procedures any above declaration is subject to change without prior notification For full technical specifications and installation and maintenance guides see egecarpets.com

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