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Fields of Flow - 1

Highline Express Collection by the urge to explore space

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Fields of Flow - 3

Contents 7 Intro 10 Water 18 Fire 26 Wood 34 Metal 42 Earth 49 Collection overview 50 Colour palettes 51 Recolour options 52 Colour inspiration 55 Technical specifications

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Fields of Flow - 7

The designer Signe Fink Nørgaard. Born in 1979. Holds a Design degree from Design School Kolding, Denmark. Has worked as a designer for ege carpets since 2010. The collection Fields of Flow reflects the area of tension between traditional Asian culture and Scandinavian design. A strong fusion based on respect for Feng Shui symbols, reinterpreting them by looking through the eyes of a young Danish designer. The inspiration Everyone appreciates the benefits of harmony, balance and a positive state of mind. Through abstractions and creative thinking the elements have been clarified and...

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Fields of Flow - 8

5 design themes The Fields of Flow collection consists of 5 design themes with independent designs having a clear reference to each other. The expressions vary from small scale and calm patterns to bigger scale and more vivid patterns. 3 layerings Each design works beautifully on its own. However, the design themes are constructed around a layering concept meaning that two individual designs can be combined into a third design – a unique mash up of patterns. Behind each layer is hidden new meanings that when combined transform into impressive floor designs. + possibilities Each design theme...

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Fields of Flow - 10

water Water is the strongest element as it moves between or around something with­ out losing its original substance and shape. Over time, water can defeat even the biggest and strongest mountain. Lotus flowers stand for purity. Rise from ­ uddy m waters to bloom in beautiful white and symbolise the ability of enlightened souls to rise above worldly concerns. Waves symbolise creativity and sensitivity.

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Fields of Flow - 15

rf52202483 lotus wave shadow

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Fields of Flow - 17

Floorscape inspiration Casual Meeting room: rf52202482 lotus wave / Conference room: rf52202483 lotus wave shadow

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Fields of Flow - 18

fire Fire is the most masculine element. Connected to heat and the only element that does not exist in itself – it has to be made. Lucky clouds reflect the beautiful and fascinating sky with ever changing shapes. Clouds are so close to the sun that they ignite people's wild imagination. Chrysanthemum flowers symbolise time­ lessness and life in ease and balance.

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Fields of Flow - 19


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Fields of Flow - 21

rf52851877 lucky clouds chrysanthemum

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Fields of Flow - 22

rf52851877 lucky clouds chrysanthemum

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Fields of Flow - 25

Floorscape inspiration Reception: rf52851875 lucky clouds / Restaurant: rf52851880 chrysanthemum double / corridor: rf52851878 chrysanthemum corridor

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Fields of Flow - 26

wood Wood reflects values such as idealism, straightforwardness, innovation and dedi­ cation. Connected to the wind, which tends to blow most strongly in springtime. Bamboo has the perfect balance of grace and strength – of Yin and Yang. Its ability ­ to cope with adversity and still stand firmly without losing its original ground is inspirational. Watercolour is an ancient Chinese technique reinterpreted in a mod­ ern and powerful way. Adds a translucent and artistic feeling.

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Fields of Flow - 33

Floorscape inspiration Suite: rf52752880 watercolour / Bedroom: rf52752881 watercolour bamboo / corridor: rf52752883 bamboo corridor

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Fields of Flow - 34

metal Metal is the element that stands for order and perspective. It correlates to crea­ tivity and strength, independence and focus is vital. Squared elements inspired by patterns from Chinese iron gates symbolise the strong and structured charac­ teristics of the metal element.

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Fields of Flow - 41

Floorscape inspiration Offices: rf52851888 lacquered box / Corridor: rf52851886 grid corridor / Meeting room: rf52851884 lacquered box grid

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Fields of Flow - 42

earth Earth is the most feminine element and calls for stability and realisation. Symbol­ ises every kind of earth that exists – from deep under us to the mountains high above. Dry earth and erosion patterns are the inspiration that stands for downto-earth and unshakable qualities. Solid rocks symbolise stability, sincerity and ­modesty.

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Fields of Flow - 47

Floorscape inspiration Left room: rf52752887 Rock erosion / right room: rf52752886 Rocks / corridor: rf52752889 erosion corridor

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Fields of Flow - 49

Collection overview water lotus wave lotus wave shadow wave ­corridor wave Runner grid corridor grid Runner lucky clouds chrysan­ themum chrysan­ themum lucky clouds chrysanthemum chrysanthemum double chrysanthemum double chrysanthemum corridor chrysanthemum Runner Rock erosion Rock erosion erosion corridor erosion Runner graphic bamboo watercolour bamboo watercolour bamboo bamboo corridor bamboo Runner

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Fields of Flow - 50

Colour palettes colour palette 5220 Accent Colours – for use in areas of max 10 x 10 cm Accent Colours – for use in areas of max 10 x 10 cm Accent Colours – for use in areas of max 10 x 10 cm Accent Colours – for use in areas of max 10 x 10 cm

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Fields of Flow - 51

Recolour options Select designRF52752882 C hange colour of background (Choose between GB1-GB12)eq70522-100 Change pattern colour (Choose between GB1-GB12 and Accent Colours)eq70522-101

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Fields of Flow - 52

Colour inspiration Challenge your creativity and recolour the designs to create your own, personal style. Make the colours fit perfectly to your surroundings by customising them exactly the way you want. Feel inspired. rf52752901 grid rf52951940 lotus wave shadow w: 195.1 cm x l: 152.4 cm

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Fields of Flow - 53


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Fields of Flow - 55

Technical specifications Broadloom, corridors and runners Fields of Flow is available in a number of qualities and sizes making the collection perfectly suitable for use in almost any interior design concept. Broadloom, corridor and runner design numbers are shown above each design. Fields of Flow is developed in ege's standard colour palettes. Colour codes GB1-12 equal solid colours and colour codes AC equal blend colours. Only patterns using solely solid colours (GB1-12) are available in the qualities Highline 630 and Highline Loop E16. If you want a pattern using blend colours in...

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Fields of Flow - 56

Identification ­characteristics Highline Highline Highline 80/20 1900 WT 80/20 1400 WT 80/20 1100 WT Total thickness Surface pile thickness Total carpet weight Pile yarn weight Surface pile density Performance characteristics Performance areas Class 33 – Commercial – Heavy Class 33 – Commercial – Heavy Class 32 – Commercial – General Castor chair suitability Static control Permanently antistatic Permanently antistatic Permanently antistatic Acou. insu. from impact noise Acoustical absorption Suitability for under floor heating Safety and environmental characteristics Indoor air Leed DIM...

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