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Finishing options Collection overview Chromatism. Bring softness and personality to your next interior project with a rug in any size or shape. It is an easy and fast way to update your space. Simply choose your style among tufted, flat woven or shaggy constructions and find the perfect colour in one of the six colour themes: beige, grey, black, green, blue or multi. Finish your rug by choosing from 30 overlock colours or 20 border options. Alternatively, maybe you just want your rug cut or blind bound.

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Rawlrne Scala Textile 0853801 Border 5 cm visible width; Marokko Ebony 429 Escape 0851230 Border 3 cm visible width; Anuta Sand 1261 Epoca Moss 0845350 Blind bound Epoca Texture 2000 0706185 Border 2 cm visible width; Pampas Black 609

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1. Overlook 30 yarn colours 2. Border 20 options in leather, cotton, chenille, structure-woven fabrics or suede-look 1, 2, 3 or 5 cm visible width 3. Blind binding Only for rugs with straight outward corners or round rugs from 0400 cm 4. Cut Only available for Soft Dreams Lux See all options on page 19 and The finishing options Complete the look of your rug with the choice of finishing. The edging can be a distinct feature of your carpet design or you can have a neutral finishing or no visible border at all. The overlock yarns come in 30 different shades for an...

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Explore the six colour themes of the Chromatism range that have been carefully selected for their perfect match with contemporary interiors; beige, grey, black, green, blue and multi. Experience the textures of different pile heights, yarns with natural variations and silk highlights that create movement and depth. Go for subtle shades that blend silently with the interior or go for bold colours to create a striking impression.

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Beige. Enjoy soft, neutral shades with a delicate subtlety and create a warm and calming atmosphere. Beige is anything but boring and can bring understated luxury and elegance to any interior with its cream, sand and tan-coloured tones.

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Epoca Moss 0845720 Overlock: UU0620750 Grey. Black. Dark tones add depth and character to your space. Underline the contemporary unfinished look with a textured choice of both rug and border. Or go with a high pile rug to soften the style. 12 Rawline Scala Textile 0853801 Border 5 cm visible width: Marokko Ebony 429

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Epoca Moss 0845350 Blind bound Green. The colour brings freshness and softness to the cool stone and glass surfaces of today’s interior. The natural colour is understated, yet a vibrant design feature that brightens up your space. With the any shape and any size concept, you can customise your rug to complement the room. You can make your selection from any of the colour themes and qualities. Cut off corners, go big, go square or go for round and oval shapes. 15

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Blue. Multi. Energise your timeless neutrals with blue hues or a splash of colour. It can be a prominent piece of art that catches your eye or a delicate tone that brings life to the room. One of the easiest ways to achieve contemporary colour blocking is to add a single-colour rug to your interior. Be bold and choose a powerful colour that gives your space a playful and personal touch. 16 ReForm Memory 0768017 Overlock: UU0620740 Epoca Texture 2000 0706185 Border 2 cm visible width: Pampas Black 609

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The Chromatism range includes six colour themes with a great mix of qualities, patterns, textures and pile heights. With the any shape and any size concept, you can design your rug to fit your room perfectly. Here is just a small selection of shapes for your inspiration. And finally, there are four finishing options. See overview on opposite page. Rawline Scala Textile 0853750 Rawline Scala Textile 0853801 Rawline Scala Velvet 0853800 Rawline Scala Textile 0853340 Rawline Scala Velvet 0853550

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1. Choose a construction Example: ReForm Memory 0768xxx 2. Choose size and shape You can have any size or shape to fit your room perfectly. Find inspiration from the shapes in this brochure and see more at Remember to specify the size of your rug. 3. Choose finishing There are four finishing options depending on the construction and shape of your rug: Borders are only available for square rugs. For shapes with inward corners, overlock is the only option. For round carpets blind binding is only available from 0400 cm. Delivery time Dispatch within 3K weeks from receipt of...

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THE URGE TO EXPLORE SPACE ege inhouse 0918 - 8052092 - 1st edition - Colours are approximations only

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