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Bricks — a natural choice. Egernsund Tegl markets bricks, brick lintels and much more – in the English, Danish, German and Northern European market. We are a proud, well-reputed player in the construction industry. We are continuously innovating and adapting our activities to meet market requirements. We actively promote the building of Ecologically sound brick houses and aim to increase the use of the market’s best, most reliable and safest building material – bricks. It is common knowledge that bricks cannot rot, rust or burn! We know that our customers want to take responsibility for the...

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Persa and Persa Hard The Persa brick was originally produced back in the 1870’s at Helsingborg Brickyard in Sweden. Our Graasten Brickyard has now reawakened this Swedish beauty in two varieties - a matt version, Persa, and a hard burned version, Persa Hard. The original Persa can still be seen on historical buildings in Sweden, such as the Stockholm Stadium, Riksmuseet and The Academy of Sciences.

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Brown Devil, Strato

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Cassis, Limoux and Avignon Egernsund Tegl’s new brick range is based on yellow bodied bricks with a fired application of engobe to add quality to the face of the bricks. The inspiration for this range comes from French Alpine villages where the houses have been built out of the natural rocks from the surrounding mountains for centuries.

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The architect has deliberately designed a seamless connection between the inside and outside environments. Daylight falls beautifully inside the centre of the kindergarten. Organically designed brickwork walls create a natural surrounding for the children. The exterior walls of the house use natural wood panelling that harmonises beautifully with the bright, soft moulded White Coal bricks. Combined together creating an environment full of vitality, life and happiness that is ideal for the children.

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Yellow and bright slopmoulded. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm.

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Grey subdued slopmoulded. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm. Choose bricks as a building material and you’ve chosen the most beautiful material for your surroundings. 08

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Blue subdued and dark violet slopmoulded. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm.

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Photo: Hotel Nhow, Berlin The use of slopmoulded bricks, with their unique moulded undulating surface, where no two bricks look alike, is a contrast to the clean lines of the building but at the same time emphasizes them. We are delighted, that our drawing design was interpreted by the projects Professional team and the Contractor into a building of the highest quality which won us the prestigious ”Immobilienawardberlin 2011”. The architects recognizes fully the support and expertise provide by Egernsund Tegl in assisting in choosing the right brick for the project and...

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Brown slopmoulded. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm. 3.2.81 Blue Devil, yellow buff See our great series of Masterblends on / products / masterblends! 11

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Åse Marie Hjemmet - a nursing home in Denmark. ”The Rose Coal soft moulded brick were chosen by our client as it meets their requirements for a warm and welcoming façade, creating a beautiful and coherent frontage to their residential building. In addition to the subtle soft colour, texture and excellent durability, commercially the product meets their criteria making it equally attractive for Public Corporations and Institutions - who want both quality and maintenance free brickwork buildings.” Morten Toft Jensen, Architect, Sweco Architects.

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Rose slopmoulded. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm. 2.1.19 Yellow/red buff 2.1.24 Calypso 2.3.31 Rose 2.3.38 Savanne 2.3.42 Nevada 2.3.43 Rose Etna 2.3.60 Rose Coal 3.3.34 Gravenstein See our entire line of rose coloured bricks on / products!

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Sydbank in Slagelse ”Egernsund Tegl have a very nice and natural colour range that matches perfectly the bricks in the old centre of Slagelse. They also agreed to specially produce the new flexible format Flexsten, which achieves greater flexibility because the height of the brick is reduced by 6 mm to only 48 mm. Both combined together allow the new building to fit in perfectly with the existing historic buildings.” Architect Kjeld K. Ghozati, E + N Architecture A / S.

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See our entire line of red coloured bricks on / products! 15

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Grey- and blue subdued handmade bricks. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm / 3.7.12 Royal Rain.

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Yellow and red hand made bricks. Dimension 228 x 108 x 54 mm / 3.3.75 Rosé with green. 3.1.10 Light yellow / Red Multi 3.3.75 Rosé with green

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Blue subdued slopmoulded Tegula. Dimension 528 x 108 x 40 mm. A beautiful and contemporary format

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d-teg rnsun ize-y ustom Try the Brick- and House Designer on our website! Visit our website and experiment by creating your own brick mix, try different brick bond types, mortar joint colours, etc. Only your own imagination sets the limit. Also see our full range of bricks, brick lintels, our certified Passivehouse System + C and a lot more. If you have any questions, we are always ready to assist you on +45 7444 2540 or

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