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Technical data sheet dBred V17/8


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Technical data sheet dBred V17/8 - 1

dBred V17/8 ANTI-RESONANT ASHLAR ELASTIC MAT Composition: selected rubber SBR bound with polyurethane resins (MDI) Application fields: anti-resonant for machines housing or under screed resilient floor coverings dimen Roll dimensions cm 125x1000 Application warnings: see “Application’s methods and Critical Details” and/or consult the dBred Technical Department Specific weight Square meter weight Technical characteristics: Temperature resistance Fire resistance S.p.A. A.-Via dell’Industria, 710–41038 S.Felice s/Panaro (MO)–Italy EDILTECO S.p.A.

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Technical data sheet dBred V17/8 - 2

Guide line for application Generally, the material grade and the number of layers depend on the live load and the required impact sound improvement level. When it comes to impact sound insulation under screed, floating floors and vibrating floor systems, typically one layer of material is installed unless specified otherwise. The resilient layer (base mat) only provides the expected improvement rating if certain rules are followed during installation. It must be ensured that there are no mechanical connections between the foundation, the floor slab or the flooring system being installed in...

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Technical data sheet dBred V17/8 - 3

Important The instructions are provided only as a guide and are not intended to be part of any contract. They can be modified or adapted to satisfy the conditions of use. For applications consult dBred Technical Department. Technical data for design Resonant frequency depending on applied load Dynamic stiffness depending on applied load single 1 – single layer 2 – double layer triple 3 – triple layer ______ dynamic stiffness ------------------- structural stiffness Dynamic modulus of elasticity depending on applied load Crushing depending on applied load S.p.A.-Via dell’Industria, 710–41038...

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Technical data sheet dBred V17/8 - 4

All the indications provided in this technical data sheet are purely approximate and not binding for legal purposes. The data listed has been gathered from laboratory tests and it hence follows that in practical applications on buildings sites the final characteristics of the products may be subject to substantial variations depending in meteorological conditions and the installations. The user must always check suitability in the product for its specific use, undertaking all liability implicit in and deriving from use of the product, as well as comply with all the methods and instructions...

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