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“Looking Further” is the reflection of philosophy: a promise that we repeat every day, a commitment to see what others do not see, the meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to take nothing for granted. The synthesis of our work, what makes us different. We strongly believe in the superior quality of develop and produce counterframes that are innovative, sturdy, easy to install and inspected. concept of counterframe for sliding pocket door systems, eclipsing any type of door. We want to be the answer to every functional and space needs, constantly innovating our systems through...

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Vsions inside architecture - 6

HOUSE IN PALERMO PROJECT Renovation of a 70's building with two residential units. ARCHITECT Ignazio Buscio Ph. Giancarlo Lunetto LOCATION Palermo (Italy) YEAR 2016 PRODUCTS ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE

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Vsions inside architecture - 8

These two residential units are located near Palermo (Italy). The renovation project focused on restoring and replacing some original elements in order to fit them in a contemporary atmosphere, best suited to the modern lifestyle of the family.

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Vsions inside architecture - 9

The choice to use 16 sliding pocket door systems with no jambs reflects the pursuit of a clean and minimalist design for the whole building.

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Vsions inside architecture - 10

HOUSE R+F PROJECT Newly built villa where Classical and Contemporary meet and perfectly blend together. ARCHITECT Eng. Andrea Leonardi Interior: Livraghi Progetto Casa LOCATION Milan (Italy) YEAR 2018 PRODUCTS ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE - ECLISSE SYNTESIS® DOUBLE ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE BATTENTE - ECLISSE SYNTESIS® BASEBOARD ECLISSE

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Vsions inside architecture - 12

The concept of this entire project was the sophisticated combination of the owners' classical taste in materials and colours with modern solutions and items, such as pieces of furniture and actual works of art.

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Vsions inside architecture - 13

In the dining room, the perfectly flush effect of ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE BATTENTE allowed to create the illusion of a frescoed wall, made contemporary by a tailor-made wallpaper that combines neoclassical art with a bit of modern and cheeky irony.

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Vsions inside architecture - 14

HOTEL ODERBERGER PROJECT From the historic indoor public swimming pool to the exclusive 4* Hotel. ARCHITECT Mathias Jensch and Britt Sylvia Eckelmann – cpm architekten Ph. Thomas Danebrock LOCATION Prenzlauer Berg - Berlin (Germany) YEAR 2016 PRODUCTS ECLISSE SINGLE

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Vsions inside architecture - 16

The historic Public Bathhouse “Volksbadeanstalt“ in Oderberger (Germany) was subject of a total transformation and is now a modern swimming pool, with a spa and a 4-star hotel that includes a restaurant, a bar, several training rooms, 70 rooms, two apartments and five tower suites.

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Vsions inside architecture - 17

The swimming pool has been renovated, to mantain its authentic and unique style while hiding a modern technological solution: a custom concept makes it disappear within 20 minutes and converts the room into a top-class event location.

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Vsions inside architecture - 18

A key element of the overall design. Thanks to the ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems, old cabin doors from the imperial era now lend their antique charm to modern and captivating rooms.

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Vsions inside architecture - 19

In order to be installed and functional, each one of the hundred-year-old doors was set within a wooden frame and secured between two glass panes, held by narrow brass profiles.

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Vsions inside architecture - 20

CISTERCIAN ABBEY OF SANTA MARIA PROJECT Restoration of the original guest house for pilgrims. ARCHITECT Fabio Nassuato Ph. Enrico Dal Zotto LOCATION Follina (Italy) YEAR 2017 PRODUCTS ECLISSE SHODO BATTENTE

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Vsions inside architecture - 22

This Abbey in Follina (Italy) is a fabulous example of Cistercian architecture. It is admired for its classic forms, for the many sculptures and for the silence that reigns over the whole structure, in the cloisters, the chapels and the surrounding area.

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Vsions inside architecture - 23

The renovation project mainly pertained to the East wing of the Abbey, which holds the friars' apartments, and aimed at creating a new reception structure of around 1.000 sqm dedicated to pilgrims.

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Vsions inside architecture - 24

The reception structure holds nine en-suite rooms, which occupy an area of 450 sqm and can sleep up to 20 guests. The remaining space is devided between communal areas, offices and other rooms, liturgical and not.

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Vsions inside architecture - 25

In accordance with the resurgence to a simple and modest existence in a place dedicated to prayer, culture and learning, ECLISSE products draw plain and flat lines with no interruption thanks to the flush door jambs and edging trims of ECLISSE SHODŌ BATTENTE.

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Vsions inside architecture - 26

PROJECT Rehabilitation of the rural hamlet of Case Marian into an impressive holiday home. ARCHITECT Fabio Nassuato Ph. Enrico Dal Zotto LOCATION Cison di Valmarino (Italy) YEAR 2017 PRODUCTS ECLISSE SINGLE

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Vsions inside architecture - 28

The concept of this project stem from a new arrangement of internal and outdoor spaces and the use of modern restoration methods, which provide a perfect balance between the highest levels of functionality and the utmost respect for the history and tradition of the structure itself.

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Vsions inside architecture - 29

On the ground floor of the Case Marian complex, the entrance hall is in the old barn, beautifully restored and available to rent for exhibitions and events. Every year, in August, it hosts the famous Artigianato Vivo Arts and Crafts Fair.

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Vsions inside architecture - 30

The first and second floors hold the tourist accomodation and are arranged into single and double rooms and dormitories. Either one or both floors can be rented in their entirety.

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Vsions inside architecture - 31

A few rooms are equipped with en-suites while others have shared restrooms. In both cases, since a spacesaving solutions was required, the project provided for the installation of ECLISSE SINGLE models.

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Vsions inside architecture - 32

PROJECT 7 high category apartments designed to portray sailing life on a luxurious yacht. ARCHITECT Ariberto Colombo - Studio Colombo LOCATION Lopud (Croatia) YEAR 2017 PRODUCTS ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE

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Vsions inside architecture - 34

Lazure Apartments is nested at Lafodia Sea Resort Mediterranean. All apartments have an independent entrance, a private terrace and a stunning panoramic view over Lopud bay.

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Vsions inside architecture - 35

ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE sliding pocket door systems without jambs and architraves allow the door to disappear completely inside the wall, transforming two rooms into a single, uninterrupted large unit.

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