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Sliding soul - 2

we create movement we search for, design and build the soul of your sliding door. Eclisse sliding door systems give your doors perfect fluid motion and let them close with absolute precision, partitioning your living spaces with style and opening up new possibilities.

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Eclisse research is aimed at developing ever more practical, functional and technologically advanced products. Our systems are designed to solve any installation problems that the architecture may entail, making them safer once in place. Sliding door systems that meet your spacial and stylistic requirements and create original solutions, without ever limiting the creativity of the architect or interior designer. Our products are tested for their durability, wear resistance, load capacity and resistance to breakage and corrosion. Eclisse is the right solution for any building in any...

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Sliding soul - 4

we construc reliability All of our products are UNI EN ISO 9001 certified and undergo testing in performance, resistance and durability under the monitoring of a CSI notified body. We have also adopted the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in compliance with OHSAS 18001 standards. 12 years real guarantee Because professional ethics are part of quality. After so many tests, certifications, checks and double checks, we are confident enough to offer an incredible 12-year warranty period. And that does not just cover the counterframe structure, as most of our competitors...

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Sliding soul - 5

A system that makes life easier for the fitter and the customer. Thanks to its ease of installation, the counterframe can be removed quickly for inspection and makes maintenance or repair simpler, at less expense to the customer. The track is made of 6060 aluminium alloy (UNI 9006/1) protected by a 10 mm anodised layer which is T5 heat treated. This guarantees that, in addition to resistance to humid environments, the hardness and durability of the surface always ensures the optimal performance of the slide runners. runner durability tests Sliding mechanism (UNI EN 1527). Following an...

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Sliding soul - 6

From the most innovative ideas come the mos auspicious projects. We study the technical details of our doors to make them more functional and durable. differences that you appreciate every day Our patented designs translate into convenience, solutions to space problems and innovative styling for our customers. patented extractable track: means that the installer or customer can inspect the track, replace worn parts or insert accessories at a later date. CSI tested, IMQ Group slide runners with ball bearings: ensure a lasting fluid and silent sliding action. The standard load is 80 kg per...

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Sliding soul - 7

important details that improve reliability and durability easy installation for perfect operation alignment bar for keeping the counterframe perfectly aligned during installation avoiding any strain on the structure. under frame tear-off profile, works on the same opening principle as cans: the base of the counterframe is removed to make the most of the space below when there is a difference in height between the counterframe installed and the finished flooring. self-centring guide system for the door panel, which reduces installation time and ensures that the door is always properly...

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Sliding soul - 8

For us innovation means developing more bespoke solutions. We want to offer every single Eclisse customer exactly what they need to make their daily lives more comfortable and convenient. With this in mind, we have developed and patented a series of accessories and material treatments to make each sliding door system unique. corrosion resistant variant recommended for bathrooms, saunas and any humid interior spaces. This treatment can be applied to Eclisse models in the solid wall version (excluding the Syntesis Line model). This treatment counters the onset of rust, even in extremely humid...

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Sliding soul - 9

accessories for indoor systems Soft Close, slows the door allowing it to close gently. self-closing system makes sure the door closes automatically. telescopic synchronisation system allows the simultaneous movement of two door panels sliding in the same direction. double door coordination makes it possible to open and close two opposing door panels simultaneously. anti-warp profile prevents the pocket from warping due to humidity. vitro adaptor that allows you to install glass doors in the Syntesis® Line model. motorised unit enables the locking system to be operated automatically. push...

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Sliding soul - 10

sliding ewoluto® syntesis® luce syntesis® line contents A line of sliding door systems with no external finishing. Now compatible with the installation of electric wiring! When closed, the doors are practically unnoticeable. Round door panels? Why not? It is still possible to install a sliding door system! No limitations for light fittings, switches or telephone cables. Luce is the first sliding door system that enables you to install cables and housings for thermostats and switches. The sliding door system that gives you back your wall. Sliding Ewoluto® by Eclisse is unique on the market,...

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Sliding soul - 11

door range outdoor line unilateral novanta single double Two parallel panels sliding in the same wall pocket, wide passage, minimum encumbrance. Four sliding door systems for every room in the house, no more space problems. Here are four solutions that will earn you extra space, even in the most confined building layouts. Perfection: inside and out. Eclisse sliding door systems for outside. Eclisse doors: technological core, contemporary design.

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Sliding soul - 12

syntesis luce The line of sliding door systems with no external finishing. The Syntesis® line is enriched by the patented functionality of the Luce counterframes series. Syntesis® Luce is the exclusive Eclisse system that brings together minimalist design and functionality. Available in sliding versions with one or two opposing panels. single panel model two panel double model

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Sliding soul - 14

hidden technology Sliding, minimalist and hi-tech. Syntesis® Luce encompasses a multiplicity of features, combining aesthetics with practicality: this system is designed with perfect minimalist aesthetics in mind, yet able to accommodate electrical devices for installations such as light fittings, on/off controls, dimmer switches or electric sockets.

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