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The relationship between architecture and housing needs requires designers and manufacturers to give consideration to the accessibility requirement of buildings. ECLISSE offers specific solutions to provide anyone with a functional and architectural environment without barriers. INDEX ECLISSE EWOLUTO® ECLISSE HOIST ECLISSE E-MOTION

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ECLISSE EWOLUTO® Ewoluto® sliding pocket door is the system that allows hanging furniture, hangers and shelves directly on the wall where it is placed. The special structure transforms the counterframe into a real wall that can bear considerable weights, eliminating what is considered as a limit of a sliding pocket door system. Ewoluto® does not obstruct the moving spaces and does not interfere with the passage of a wheelchair, which can move freely without any obstacles. It is also indicated for fixing safety bath grips. SINGLE DOOR MODEL DOUBLE DOOR MODEL

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POCKET DOOR WITHOUT LIMITS When the space is too small, even a sliding pocket door has got limitations if it makes it impossible to exploit the entire wall. Ewoluto® model allows to hang, secure shelves and bookcases on the wall portion where the pocket door slides.

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PLUS MODELS Single or double pocket doors In collaboration with the CSI institute in Italy, Eclisse has conducted a number of voluntary tests to determine the precise load capacity of the vertical surfaces of the Ewoluto® system. The capacity alters based on the anchorage points, the type of plugs used and the distance between the wall surface and the extremity of the mounted furniture, and can vary between 30 and 360 kg. Specifically, the maximum capacity of a handle fixed with a chemical plug (4 anchorage points) is 100 kg at 600 mm from the wall. Passage size: Passage size: Security...

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ECLISSE HOIST A comprehensive design for everyone. Multiple needs and only one answer: accessibility, especially for people with reduced mobility. Hoist is a variation of the standard Single model designed to be installed in conjunction with the different hoists and lifting apparatus operating on motorised tracks, used to transport and assist people with disabilities.

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ECLISSE E-MOTION TECHNOLOGY AT THE SERVICE OF DISABILITY E-Motion is the new linear motor for Eclisse sliding pocket door systems that allows the automatic opening and closing of the door, thanks to the magnetic technology applied. The motor is already assembled with power supply and push button and ready to be installed. Hoist represents a solution that eliminates architectural barriers so any interior space can benefit from the advantages of a sliding pocket door system. The structure has been adapted so that the top horizontal bar does not interfere with the passage of the hoist track...

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SELF SETTING Just connect the motor to the power supply (AC 230V) and push the button. The innovative electronic control system installed inside the track starts a self-setting process which senses passage size, weight and friction of the door. The qualified installer can modify the door opening speed, the opening time and the sensitivity to obstacles. STANDARD FUNCTIONS • Push&Go: through a light manual impulse on the door handle, the system starts an opening cycle automatically. • Automatic: the door opens by means of an impulse from radar, switch or remote control. Once opened, the door...

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