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Antique American Barnwood Charcoal Aqua


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ebony am co handcrafted wood floors For exterior use, we stain our grooved selection of barnwood deeply black before applying a natural matt hardwax which protects the stain and keeps this rough-textured wood colourproof for years in outdoor settings. Ideal for wall and ceiling cladding, and for both exterior and interior wet areas such as spas. Species Antique American Barnwood Origin Reclaimed mixed wood cladding, mainly over 50 years exposed to the outdoor climate. Maintenance This deep black finish is low maintenance on walls. If cleaned with water with our Deckfresh finish, the dry grey surface remains protected against algae and keeps its pure black look. Like any exterior paint wood, this finish can be Spot repair easily refreshed by applying a new coat of our and Refinish deep black oil product. Touching up small dama ged area is easy using this same oil. Color variation Patina change in time Whilst we endeavour to portray grain and colour as realistically as possible in our samples and photography, a sample or a photo can never be an exact representation of an entire floor. As wood is a natural material, variations in colour and grain occur. Floors may also change in appearance over time through exposure to light, wear and tear, and maintenance. Pre-finishing of solid floors may be subject to stricter recommendations for limited board dimensions and climate control. Read further on the next page.

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Solid or Engineered? The option to have your floor ‘pre-finished’ in our mill offers great convenience during the installation process. We unreservedly recommend our pre-finishing solution for any of our Engineered 2-layered floors which offer great stability and convenience during installation. However, beauty is not always about convenience. Would you prefer a traditionally milled Solid floor over an Engineered floor? Then it’s important to realize that, due to the impact of climate, a small amount of movement may occur in the boards. We recognize that small natural imperfections like...

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