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Innovative. Beautiful. Economical. Who can claim all this? The new RTR 9000 family by Eberle can. Its high quality bimetal technology makes it every bit as precise as electronic control systems. Its attractive design brings aesthetics to any room design. Another advantage is the ease of use that distinguishes these thermostats. In terms of economy, the RTR 9000 family is leading the field. It impresses with an excellent price-performance ratio, offers a long term solution and is first class in terms of energy saving. The RTR 9000 family by Eberle – control technology at its best.

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RTR 9000 family - 3

The stage is set for the RTR 9000 family The RTR 9000 thermostat is equally suitable for use with electrical and hot-water heating systems. The minimalistic design has only three control elements: in addition to the rotary temperature control dial, the product family has variants with signal lamps and switches Advantages of bi-metal technology: • Extremely durable • Highest reliability • Utmost precision • Very powerful • Exceptionally flexible • Highly economical Appealing Product Features • Stylish design • Bi-metal technology with thermal feedback and high precision • Surface mounting or...

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RTR 9000 family - 6

468 931 004 091 – 1.0 – 02.15 Errors excepted, subject to alterations Scan to find out more www.rtr9000.de EBERLE Controls GmbH Klingenhofstraße 71  D-90411 Nürnberg T +49(0)911 56 93 0 F +49(0)911 56 93 536 E-Mail: info.eberle@schneider-electric.com www.eberlecontrols.com All specifications in this catalogue regarding our products are merely product descriptions and not legally binding. Printing errors, errors and changes – changes serving product advances also without prior notice – are reserved. © All rights are reserved. Layout, presentation, logos, texts, graphics and pictures in this...

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