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. Radio Frequency Single-Room Controls Easy to operate wireless application Performance Products 3 x RF transmission distance with new Repeater

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Radio Frequency Controls Single-room control in the form of either thermal or electrothermal control has been state of the art in new buildings for years. In many existing buildings, however, there is increasing need to retrofit these systems for added comfort and energy savings. Radiators can be economically retrofitted with radiator thermostats. In the past, it has always been difficult to retrofit hot water floor heating systems that are not equipped with thermostats in their respective rooms. Today, these room units are still controlled with manually set flow controllers in central...

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General Information on Radio Frequency Systems The INSTAT 868 radio frequency controller range offers ideal wireless transmitters and receivers for any type of application. For each heating zone, either the INSTAT 868-r1 radio frequency transmitter with analogue temperature setting or the INSTAT 868-r/rd digital clock thermostat is used, and both can be combined with the INSTAT 868-a1A 1-channel receiver. For several heating circuits, 4- or 6-channel INSTAT 868-a4/a6 receivers are used, which can be expanded and combined with each other as desired. For mobile electric heaters, such as...

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Radio Frequency Transmitter – Clock Thermostat with Digital Display Radio frequency Clock Thermostat (Transmitter) Battery operated clock thermostat with a large LCD digital display for actual temperature, time, etc. 3 pre-set programs with up to 6 switching events per day, automatic summer-/ winter time change, a combined holiday- and party function, an optimum start function and protection against frost and unauthorized persons. Selection of continuous control by PWM or ON/OFF control. Can be used for "Heating only" or "Cooling only". General Technical Data Type Control method optionally...

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Radio Frequency Transmitter – With Analogue Temperature Setting Radio frequency room temperature controller (transmitter) Battery-powered, electronic room temperature controller with rotary knob for setpoint adjustment. The room temperature controller is placed freely – no wiring needed – in the room (wall mounting), for wireless radio transmission of the actuating values to a receiver. The INSTAT 868-r1 selector switch allows the user to manually influence timer operation (master/slave), comfort, night temperature and off for each control zone. General Technical Data Type Adjustable...

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Radio Frequency Receiver – INSTAT 868-a Series 1-channel / 4-channel / 6-channel radio frequency receiver / The 1-channel radio frequency receiver converts the transmission signals into control signals for electrical devices. With valve protection function and emergency program. The 4 and 6-channel radio frequency receivers convert the transmission signals into control signals for electrical devices. Ready for direct connection to a 230 V AC outlet. Clamps provided for 230 V AC actuators. A separate supply voltage is required for 24 V AC. Pump logic and timer function for connection of...

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Radio Frequency Receiver – INSTAT 868-a Series 8-channel radio frequency receiver / outlet radio frequency receiver INSTAT 868-a8U 8-channel radio frequency receiver with integrated real time clock, automatic adjustment of summer / winter time, timer for up to 8 independent zones, switching Heating-Cooling via external signal (e.g. via Hygrostats when dewing), programming of the clock and the transmitter with removed cover is possible, as well as INSTAT 868-a8U/24 V for switching of 24 V actuators, pump logic (switching off of the pump when all valves are closed), Heating control (Can be...

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RF Repeater - INSTAT 868-rep Series RF Repeater for INSTAT 868 r… The INSTAT 868-rep and the INSTAT 868-repS are amplifiers of RF signals. These Repeaters repeat the received signals of the INSTAT 868-r transmitter automatically. They increase the distance of radio transmission between INSTAT 868-r... RF-thermostats and INSTAT 868-a... receivers and they enable an improvement of the received signal qualitiy of a receiver. 2 repeaters can be used in sequence and they insert themselves automatically into already existing radio links of the INSTAT 868 system. Only one Repeater is necessary for...

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Accessories The TS+, a thermal actuator is robust and silent. The manual position makes installation and commissioning very easy. Clear indication of the the current status and the stroke position. Small compact design, unique adjustment mechanism, protection type IP 54 can be mounted in all orientations, small stroke, 230 V and 24 V version (each normally closed), low power consumption. Plastic Adapter Frame for variable mounting of control units on nearly every internationally used flush-mounted box. To complement the device design and for covering poorly fitting flush-mounted boxes, or...

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EBERLE Controls GmbH Klingenhofstraße 71 D-90411 Nürnberg T +49(0)911 56 93 0 F +49(0)911 56 93 536 E-Mail:

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