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FITnp The ideal energy saver • Easy-to-read, large backlit display • One line of scrolling text for simple operation • ECO input for temperature change over via external timer (e.g. set back) • Very easy change over between 2 temperatures (Comfort, Set-back) • Ideal for the combination hydronic underfloor heating systems and Ceramic Stove • Load interruption for electric underfloor heating systems according to EN 50559

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FITnp - 2

FITnp Flexible and energy-saving control Building owners, developers and renovators wishing to go easy on their carbon footprint and their own pockets are constantly looking for ways of conserving energy – and saving money T he most effective way of all is the use of modern control technology, since this achieves the biggest savings effect at the lowest cost. For this reason EBERLE Controls, manufacturer of regulating and control systems, has extended its product range with the addition of the FIT® np thermostat for individual room temperature control. User settings according to individual...

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FITnp - 3

Eco operation. External input ECO is active, it will be adjusted to the configurable temperature e.g. night set-back Large Display with back light. Configurable hysteresis e.g. for pellet burner Variants Features

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Remote Sensor F 193 720 Length 4 m, included in -F and -L variants) Wiring Diagram Remote Sensor F 190 021 Application with connection strip heating / cooling (EV 230 H / K...) EBERLE Controls GmbH | KlingenhofstraBe 71 | D-90411 Nurnberg | T (0911) 56 93-0 | F (0911) 56 93-536 E-Mail: | The website provides constantly updated, customer-oriented Information about solutions and products. The Eberle newsletter is addressed to our installers and distributors providing a direct line keeping, them informed about the latest...

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