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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 2

“ The quality of the finished result is clear for all to see.” Peter McMullen Chairman of BSPS and Project Manager Front Cover & Above: London Business School

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 3

THE FUTURE’S BRIGHT WHEN THE PROTECTION’S RIGHT The Weathershield range is all about protection from the elements, ensuring that building exteriors look good and stay looking good long into the future. The unpredictable British climate is notorious for bombarding walls and woodwork with all four seasons in a single day. You can always trust the Weathershield range for outstanding protection. So Weathershield masonry coatings, trim paints and woodcare products are made to withstand every combination of rain, snow, hail, wind and frost (along with the occasional burst of sunshine) year after...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 4

WE ARE COMMITTED TO DOING MORE WITH LESS Dulux Trade is committed to Planet Possible, the global AkzoNobel initiative to create a brighter future by delivering more value from fewer resources. Planet Possible is designed to drive innovation and promote radical resource efficiency, allowing ourselves and our customers to realise our sustainability ambitions together. At Dulux Trade we offer solutions that deliver positive sustainability benefits, as well as reducing our products’ environmental impact. BRIGHTER LIVES Planet Possible is also about making people’s lives brighter and more...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 5

WEATHERSHIELD AND SUSTAINABILITY Choosing Weathershield masonry coatings, trim paints and woodcare products is a wise investment in the future of the project, as well as a step towards Planet Possible, for two reasons: 1. onger lasting protection means less frequent L maintenance and redecoration over the project’s lifetime. Both have an environmental impact. 2. ecause of the outstanding opacity of Weathershield B products, smaller quantities of coatings are required. So ultimately fewer resources and raw materials are used in manufacturing and transporting paint. A SIMPLE WAY TO ASSESS THE...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 6

WEATHERSHIELD CAN REDUCE FUTURE COSTS BY EXTENDING MAINTENANCE CYCLES Working towards Planet Possible isn’t the only excellent reason to specify Weathershield products. Their ability to extend maintenance cycles can also mean less frequent maintenance and redecoration, bringing long-term cost savings. With Weathershield masonry coatings, you can expect the finish to keep its superb appearance and protect the surface for up to 15 years. The Weathershield high gloss system offers up to 8 years protection for exterior trim, and Dulux Trade Ultimate Woodstain or Opaque will protect exterior...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 7

SPECIFY THE RIGHT EXTERIOR TRIM SYSTEM AT A GLANCE Are you dealing with bare wood or a previously painted surface? Do you and your contractor prefer to work with solvent-based or water-based systems? Whatever the answer, there’s a combination of Dulux Trade Weathershield basecoat, undercoat and topcoat that will suit your project perfectly. Solvent-Based (Water-Based Primer) Exterior Undercoat Weathershield Preservative Primer+ (BP)# Quick Dry Exterior Gloss Weathershield Preservative Primer+ (BP)# Quick Dry Exterior Gloss Quick Dry Exterior Undercoat Quick Dry Exterior Satin Quick Drying...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 8

WEATHERSHIELD SMOOTH MASONRY PAINT This formulation continues to be successfully tried, tested and trusted in real time, real world conditions. Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint protects and enhances exceptionally, for up to 15 years. UP TO 15 YEARS PROTECTION WATER-BASED MATT FINISH Weathershield products undergo site trials and weathering tests that place the product under the most severe conditions. In addition to our own testing procedures, Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint has been tested and certified by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) who certify that Weathershield Smooth...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 10

WEATHERSHIELD MAXIMUM EXPOSURE SMOOTH MASONRY The toughest conditions are precisely what Weathershield Maximum Exposure excels in beating. It has the durability to deliver lasting protection in the most extreme environments. FORMULATED FOR EXTREME PERFORMANCE WATER-BASED MATT FINISH Weathershield Maximum Exposure has been specially formulated to have excellent flexibility and adhesion to cope with the extreme weather conditions. The formulation is also 5 times more flexible than standard Dulux Trade smooth masonry paints, to provide unbroken protection as substrates contract and expand...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 11

CASE STUDY ADMIRALS QUAY, FALMOUTH Richard Reese Professional Decorator Kevin Nankervis Decorator “ The environment in this particular area can be very unforgiving, but Weathershield is definitely tough enough to withstand it. ” Gales, salt sea spray, fierce sunlight, algae… this high end housing development’s beautiful and spectacular location on the Cornish coast has just one drawback: all-year-round-exposure to nature at its most hostile. Needing to protect their homes from the elements and minimise maintenance, the Admirals Quay property owners’ management company decided to split the...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 12

WEATHERSHIELD ALL SEASONS SMOOTH MASONRY The easy answer in difficult climates. Weathershield All Seasons Smooth Masonry is ideal for use all year round on exterior walls, including walls previously painted with solvent or water-based coatings. PROTECTS MASONRY FOR UP TO 15 YEARS SOLVENT-BASED MATT FINISH Proven to perform and protect for up to 15 years, and shower-resistant in 15 minutes, Weathershield All Seasons Smooth Masonry Paint is the premier choice wherever application has to be carried out in cold, damp conditions – ideal for out of season decorating or refurbishment. It contains...

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Weathershield Specifier Guide - 13

CASE STUDY WITHERNSEA LIGHTHOUSE Richard Reese Professional Rob Dawson Decorator Partner, D&R Dawson “ was impressed I at just how easy the Weathershield coating was to apply... ” Withernsea Lighthouse is a local landmark and East Yorkshire tourist attraction, which operates as a museum nowadays. When the 127 foot tower’s exterior was last due for its ten yearly repainting, lighthouse manager Tony Simpson appointed local firm D&R Dawson Decorators: old hands whose experience of working on the building goes back to 1994. For this daunting project D&R Dawson partner Rob Dawson had no...

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