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Professional Colour Guide

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Exterior colour formulated Weathershield products offer unbeatable protection for exterior masonry, wood and metal trim.Whereverthere isa need to protect and enhance the exterior of a building, Weathershield delivers outstanding performance Above: Masonry colours from left to rvg/if; Natura I Hessian, Burnt Brick, Purbeck Pearl, Meadowlands Cover: Masonry; Nutmeg White, Trim; Ash White, Door; Oxford Blue Creams & Golds Pre-Made Colour Schemes Creating exterior colour schemes Product information Further info Back cover

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 3

Creams & Golds TRIM MASONRy Conker Toasted Oak Soft Wheat Provencal yellow u/c Dark Grey Ochre Sand # Sandstone Sandgold County Cream Tuscan yellow # Natural Hessian Honeysuckle Buttermilk Purbeck Pearl Magnolia Gardenia u/c Old Gold u/c Silver Grey County Cream u/c Off White Here a rich cream with a paler shade for windows and trim blends well with neighbouring properties. By choosing closely relating masonry shades a unified look is created throughout the terrace. Masonry Gardenia u/c Brilliant White Almond White Jasmine White Masonry Trim Primrose White Natural Hessian County Cream...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 4

Neutrals & Stones TRIM MASONRy Vandyke Soft Truffle Cookie Dough Faux Fur Falconwing Marron Glace Warm Clay Brown Sandstone Antelope Perfectly Taupe Soft Stone Grey Fieldstone Maplecream Mink White Totally Nutmeg Pale Morel u/c Dark Grey u/c Dark Grey u/c Light Grey u/c Silver Grey A warm neutral scheme adds character and light to this classic wall and staircase. Railings in dark brown add a smart but simple contrast. Masonry Almost Oyster u/c Brilliant White Paris White Almost Oyster Trim Accent Simply Pearl Grey Fieldstone Almost Oyster Vandyke To make colour selection simpler, masonry...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 5

Whites & Greys TRIM MASONRy Black Saddle Brown Black Graphica Grey Graphica Grey Ash Grape Goosewing Grey Velvet Goosewing Chiltern Grey Nutmeg White Lunar Grey Lunar Grey Quartz White Ash White Frosted Grey u/c Dark Grey u/c Mid Grey u/c Light Grey u/c Silver Grey The simple shape of this modern building is enhanced by pale grey walls and a bold garage door. Planters are painted in a stronger tone of the masonry colour to add depth against the walls. Masonry Ash White u/c Brilliant White Timeless Pure Brilliant White Trim Accent Pale Embers Lunar Grey Autumn Glow Graphica Grey To make...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 6

Colour Schemes To help you select the right colour schemefor your property we've created15 inspirational schemes,drawing on classic and contemporary trends in exterior colour. Developed by Dulux colour experts using colours from throughout the Professional Colour Guide, our Pre-Made Colour Schemes help you use exterior colour with confidence. Creating exterior colour schemes The most successful schemes are simple yet effective and use no more than three colours for masonry, trim and accent areas. Ensure you consider the colour of neighbouring properties and aim for a colour scheme that...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 7

Pre-Made Colour Schemes Classic Collection Our Pre-Made Colour Schemes have been designed using masonry,trim and accent colours from complimentary hues. Use our Classic, Country and Contemporary guides to pick a scheme appropriate to your property. Masonry selections are colours for exterior masonry and render. Classic and Country selections are neutral and traditional, whilst Contemporary schemes offer bolder, modern shades. Trim shades have been chosen to complement masonry colours and brighten windows,door surrounds and other exterior trim. Accent colours provide contrast and definition...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 8

Reds & Terracottas MASONRy TRIM Burnt Brick Red Sand Mellow Brick Pink Earth Australian Sands Muted Ginger Rose Quartz Suffolk Pink Soft Terracotta Pink Clay Soft Brick Almost Apricot Cherry White Provencal White Rose White Ruby Glow u/c Dark Grey Burnt Cherry u/c Dark Grey Monarch u/c Red # Pimpernel Red u/c Red A simple cottage is given charm and character through a harmonious scheme of pale pink masonry and a bright, toning red front door to accentuate the vibrant colour of the flower basket. Masonry Cherry White Trim Autumn Glow Accent Autumn Glow u/c Red Saddle Brown T To make colour...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 9

Blues & Lavenders MASONRy TRIM Violet Slate Soft Denim Fjord Blue Dusky Lavender Dutch Blue Rococo Blue Indigo Wave Plum Stone Blue Porcelain Blue Shingle Oxford Blue Clouded Violet Dusted Blue Warm Teal Ocean Swell Damson White Misted White Azure White Oslo Blue Midnight u/c Dark Grey u/c Dark Grey u/c Dark Grey u/c Dark Grey A pretty and unified look has been created by using soft blue walls and pale blue exterior trim with a deeper accent shade for the door and garden bench. Masonry Plum Stone Trim Cornflower White Accent u/c Mid Grey Oxford Blue T To make colour selection simpler,...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 10

Greens & Emeralds MASONRy TRIM Dark Acorn Velvet Moss Pure Pine Olive Stone Willow Subtle Sage Savannah Grass Meadowlands Pale Aloe Portland Salix Alpine Swansdown Apple White Leaf Dew Deep Brunswick Green u/c Dark Grey Hollybush u/c Dark Grey Samphire u/c Dark Grey Buckingham u/c Green Warm, natural greens provide perfect co-ordination with the exterior brickwork on these townhouses. Railings and door colours are kept simple, smart and toning with mossy hues. Masonry Pale Aloe 14 Trim Leaf Dew Accent Oak Apple u/c Mid Grey Deep Brunswick Green Leaf Dew u/c Brilliant White

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 11

Product information Weathershield Maximum Exposure Smooth Masonry Paint Exceptional protection that lasts and lasts. 5x more flexible than conventional masonry paints to prevent flaking and cracking Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint A smooth formulation that gives up to 15 years protection. A water-based paint for use on most sound dry masonry and render. Touch dry In 30 minutes and recoatable In 2-4 hours depending on conditions Weathershield Textured Masonry Paint Formulated to help bridge fine hairline cracks. A water-based paint for use on most sound dry masonry and render Touch dry In...

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Weathershield Professional  Colour Guide - 12

Further info and contact details For product/health and safety data sheets please visit our website at For more information or technical advice please contact DuluxTradeTechnical Advice Centre on ICI Paints AkzoNobel, Wexham Road, Slough, SL25DS Important instructions: • Check the colour of the paint is correct before painting. • Paint for each area should be tinted at the same time or boxed together • Use only paint from the original job for touching up. The colours contained within this colour card are a selection of those available in the Weathershield range For the...

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