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TEAR HERE REGISTER TO RECEIVE PRODUCT INFORMATION UPDATES Long-term protection, inside and out. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help you compete more effectively in your business. To keep up to date with all the latest news on product innovations and services, simply complete the form below and return it to us. The professional woodcare guide Title: First name: Surname: Dulux Trade Weathershield Aquatech Preservative Basecoat+(BP) and Dulux Trade Weathershield Naked Wood Basecoat(BP) contain propiconazole and IPBC. # Job title: Business name: USE BIOCIDES SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE Town: County: Contact Us To receive more information on Dulux Trade products register online at www.duluxtrade.co.uk Mobile: Email: You can also request information, technical advice and help with product specification by calling 08444 817 818 Email: duluxtrade_advice@ici.com ICI Paints AkzoNobel will use the details you give us in this form to let you know about our news and about our products and services which may be of interest to you. Or write to: Trade Technical Advice Centre, ICI Paints AkzoNobel, Wexham Road, Slough SL2 5DS. The AkzoNobel logo, the ICI Roundel, Dulux Trade, Weathershield, Aquatech, the step towards greener device, Diamond Glaze, Naked Wood, Colour Palette, Dulux Trade Contract Partnership logo, Dulux Select Decorator and all distinctive colour names are trade marks of the AkzoNobel Group © AkzoNobel 2011. Please tick if you do NOT wish to be sent information: By email: By SMS: By post: By submitting this form, you will be indicating you consent to receive electronic marketing messages from ICI Paints AkzoNobel by email or SMS unless you’ve ticked the appropriate box above to indicate your objection.

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LASTING PROTECTION FOR WOOD EVERYWHERE To protect internal and external wood for the long term, Dulux Trade offers a wide range of professional woodcare products. Formulated for exceptional performance, each has been developed to deliver outstanding results for any job. Designed for durability, Dulux Trade woodcare products protect against both the weather and everyday wear and tear which can damage the integrity of wood, while at the same time improving its appearance both inside and out. Ultimate Woodstain and Opaque Innovation is another hallmark of Dulux Trade woodcare. Ultimate...

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WORKING TO REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT As green issues take on an increasingly important role, you can be confident that by choosing Dulux Trade you are working with a company that is focused on improving its environmental footprint. We are continuously seeking to improve the sustainability of our business using our ‘step towards greener’ approach to achieve a set of challenging goals. Our aim is to reduce the ecological impact of our business and our strategy focuses on five pillars of activity which span products & services, people & communities, energy, transport & travel, and waste &...

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DULUX TRADE PRODUCT SELECTOR GUIDE In order to make choosing the right product quick and simple, our at-a-glance guide shows what each product is used for, the type of finish and whether it is solvent-based or water-based. Landscape products PRODUCT FINISH PLACE OF APPLICATION DOORS FACIAS / CLADDING Weathershield Ultimate Woodstain Weathershield Ultimate Opaque Weathershield Aquatech Opaque Solvent-based Water-based Weathershield Aquatech Preservative Basecoat+(BP)# WATER/ SOLVENT-BASED Weathershield Aquatech Woodstain Weathershield Naked Wood Weathershield Naked Wood Basecoat (BP)#...

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EXTERIOR WOODCARE Wood that is exposed to the rigours of the outdoors needs the very best protection, which is why the expertise of Dulux Trade is so important. The Dulux Trade range comprises a comprehensive choice of woodstains, opaques and varnishes, together with basecoats formulated to provide optimum durability. In this section: How to choose the right product for the job Product information Application system guide EXTERIOR WOODCARE

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CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE JOB Clearly you have many things to consider when choosing the right product for any given exterior job. You can rest assured that with the comprehensive Dulux Trade range, you’ll quickly find the perfect answer. High or low-build? High-build products provide a thicker coat and increased durability ideal for joinery items such as windows or doors. Low-build is the preferred choice when more penetration of the wood is required, and timber movement is more likely (e.g. cladding / fascias etc.) Low-build Coating above the surface Coating below the surface...

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Weathershield Ultimate Woodstain A high performance semi-transparent woodstain Ideal for exterior joinery and cladding Exceptional durability up to 10 years protection Highly flexible finish resists cracking, flaking and peeling Excellent water repellency Drying Time: Recoat Time: 16 hours Smooth wood: up to 20m2/litre/coat (normally 2 coats) Pack Sizes: 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre Colour Choice: Available in 21 natural wood colours. See page 32 N.B. For new wood, use with Weathershield Aquatech Preservative Basecoat+ (BP)# Weathershield Ultimate Opaque A high performance opaque finish...

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Weathershield Aquatech Woodstain Weathershield Aquatech Opaque A high performance semi-transparent woodstain A quick drying water-based opaque finish Ideal for exterior joinery and cladding Ideal for exterior joinery and cladding Exceptional durability - up to 6 years protection Highly flexible finish resists cracking, flaking and peeling Highly flexible opaque finish resists cracking, flaking and peeling Quick drying - recoatable in 2 hours Drying Time: Exceptional durability up to 6 years protection Quick drying - recoatable in 2 hours Recoat Time: 2 hours 2 Drying Time: Recoat Time: 2...

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BETTER PROTECTION FOR NAKED WOOD Weathershield Naked Wood A high performance clear finish Ideal for cladding Protects exterior wood for up to 4 years when used in accordance with the full system* Protects the wood surface and reduces the greying of the wood that occurs naturally during weathering Water-based and suitable for both hardwoods and softwoods Quick drying Drying Time: Recoat Time: 4 hours 2 Up to 13m /litre/coat (normally 3 coats) Pack Sizes: The Weathershield Naked Wood system from Dulux Trade uses unique flexible polyurethane technology to achieve a durable protective finish...

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