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Why Dulux Trade paints are preferred by the professional The best reason for having your home decorated by a highly trained professional using Dulux Trade paints is that it’s the sure way to get a great result. Decorating professionals have greater technical skills and know-how. Dulux Trade paints are specially formulated with more ‘body’, offering excellent coverage. This enables skilled decorators to make the most of their superior brushwork, and to alter the paint’s consistency to suit different surfaces, temperatures and conditions. The right paint for every application Kitchens,...

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Helping you nd the perfect nish First consider the sheen Different types of paint vary in the amount of sheen they provide. For a low sheen matt nish with the added advantage of exceptional hiding power, choose Vinyl Matt. Flat Matt is an even ner ultra-matt nish, ideal for period and contemporary properties and outstandingly durable. Vinyl Silk brightens up your walls with a beautiful mid-sheen effect, and Vinyl Soft Sheen offers a warmer, gentler nish than silk. With a total of over 14,000 colours in the Dulux Trade range, including our new Heritage collection of authentic period shades,...

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For the inside High Gloss and Undercoat Used together, our High Gloss and Undercoat can give an eyecatching and long-lasting high-sheen gloss nish to all interior wood and metal surfaces. Satinwood provides a fashionable mid-sheen nish, bringing a modern touch to interior wood and metal surfaces. Diamond Satinwood Diamond Satinwood brings together the modern nish of Satinwood with the toughness of the Diamond range, resulting in good looks that last longer – even high trafc areas such as hallways. 10x tougher than Satinwood. Ecosure Gloss and Undercoat The Ecosure gloss system provides a...

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When it comes to colour, come to the experts Creating colour schemes is exciting and creative, especially with all the expertise of Dulux Trade to guide you through the wealth of choices. Got a colour in mind? Dulux Trade stockists can mix any Dulux colour from a palette of over 14,000 in any type of paint from the Dulux Trade range. This includes all colours from the Dulux DIY guide, so you can be sure of getting the shade you want. Need inspiration? No problem. Your decorator will have an array of inspiring colour cards to show you, including the Dulux Trade Professional Colour Card – a...

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Choose a mood and stay with it Colours with similar character go well together. That’s why Dulux Trade have grouped their colours into four colour families known as moods. The simplest way to create a colour scheme that’s sure to look truly gorgeous is to choose all the colours from the same mood as the start colour. Rich These intense, dark to mid tones create dramatic feature walls and work particularly well with neutral shades. They may be too strong for an entire room, use sparingly for best effect. Fresh Bright to pastel shades, perfect for maximising light and making the most of dark...

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Putting colours together Once you have your start colour, the next step is to create a colour scheme. Below we show the four main types of colour scheme you can create with the advice of your decorator. The key to it all is the colour wheel, which shows how all colours relate to each other. top tip... Put your choice to the test with our tester pots. Try out a number of colours before making a decision. With enough paint to properly compare colours and ne tune your selection, colour samplers are available from all stockists. Tonal colours scheme Contrasting schemes Tonal colours are lighter...

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Why it pays to hire a professional When decorating, the best way to ensure the very best results is to hire a professional decorator to do the work. The combination of their advanced skills and the time in which they can complete jobs compared to even the most adept amateurs can make it money well spent. The key is to choose and hire the right professional to decorate your home, ensuring a quality job at the right price and with minimum disruption. If you’ve not already chosen a decorator there are a few steps you can take to get the best job and give you peace of mind. Get a recommendation...

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