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Solvent-based. VOC compliant. We’re ready. Are you? As the 2010 deadline approaches for the introduction of new EU legislation relating to the VOC content of paint, you will need to be prepared. The traditional solvent-borne products you are currently using, such as interior and exterior trim paints, will no To receive more information on Dulux Trade products register online at www.duluxtrade.co.uk longer be available if they exceed the new stricter VOC You can also request information, technical advice and help limits, and naturally you may feel concerned. with product specification by calling 0870 242 1100 Email: duluxtrade_advice@ici.com You can, of course, switch to water based formulations, and Dulux Trade is at the forefront of developing high performing Or write to: Trade Technical Advice Centre, ICI Paints, Wexham Road, Slough SL2 5DS. water-based coatings in all major finishes and applications. However, knowing how highly many of you rate the results achieved by using our current solvent-based High Gloss and Undercoat, we understand the need to offer you a genuine VOC 2010 compliant solvent-based option that can be used with no loss of performance. Dulux Trade 2010 is a high performance, solvent-based gloss system that’s fully VOC 2010 compliant Printed on paper from FSC Mixed Sources ICI, The ICI Roundel and Dulux Trade are registered trademarks of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. © ICI 2008.

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New 2010 High Gloss and Undercoat offer the performance and application characteristics you have come to expect from Dulux Trade High Gloss and Undercoat. No compromise, no problem. It's just one more example of how Dulux Trade strive to find the best solutions to help you work better every day. The new 2010 formulations employ high performance resin technology to achieve the reduction in solvent content necessary for compliance. By replacing some of the solvent with resin, the new coatings are able to offer the traditional solvent-based application benefits whilst providing improved flow,...

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