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Providing all the support you need Particularly challenging or groundbreaking projects can call on the support of a complete suite of technical specification services which can be selected to match the size and needs of your project. Site Surveys Du lux Trade Specifier Account Managers can carry out a full site inspection. This will include assessment of the current condition of surface coatings, help with identification of difficult substrates and advice on extending maintenance cycles. Specification Writing Dulux Trade can offer full specification support tailored to your individual requirements. This will ensure that correct preparation is highlighted and the products specified are the most appropriate for the location, environment and substrate type. Contract Meetings Dulux Trade Specifier Account Managers can attend pre-contract, tenant liaison, project review and post-contract assessment meetings, ensuring collaboration and clear communication from concept to completion. Site Visits During the course of the work, if required, site visits can be made to ensure that work is being carried out correctly and in accordance with the specification. Reporting to Project Owners A critical element of any project is minimising down time. Knowing the status of the work in progress and thus keeping control of events Is equally Important. The Dulux Trade Specifier Account Managers will ensure that Property Managers are kept closely informed about the status of all work in progress. Colour Service For larger painting projects, our expert Dulux Trade Colour Consultants can provide help and advice on colour schemes and may use Dulux Previews, our unique colour specification software. We can also help you meet your duty of care under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) with compliant colour schemes. We can help and advise on Health and Safety issues relevant to the use of Dulux Trade products. Waste Management Waste from completed work can be disposed of safely and quickly with our wash systems and recycling services. Dulux Trade can advise on the best solution for your needs. To discuss further the specifics of your project and how Dulux Trade can help you, contact your local Dulux Trade Specifier Account Manager or email us at Dulux Trade Contract Partnership is an exclusive membership scheme of independently assessed, quality assured painting contractors. It was the first, and is the only, scheme in the industry to assess and approve painting contractors for commercial projects. By joining the scheme, contractors are demonstrating their commitment to providing an outstanding professional service to their clients. A Dulux Trade Contract Partner is committed to: Quality workmanship Delivering a professional service Continual improvement Providing value for money Being reliable and trustworthy The on-going assessment programme and Code of Practice demonstrate how Dulux Trade Contract Partners are working to a consistently high standard of workmanship and professionalism. When you need a project completed right first time, on time and there is no room for error - you can rely on a Dulux Trade Contract Partner. For more information visit For product/Health and Safety data sheets please visit our website For more information or technical advice please contact Dulux Trade Technical Advice Centre on 08444 817 818 ICI, the ICI roundel, Dulux, Dulux Trade, the Dulux Trade logo, Sterlshleld, Mouldshleld, the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership logo, AkzoNobel and the AkzoNobel logo are trade marks of The AkzoNobel Group of Companies © AkzoNobel 2010. When you hove finiihad with thif brochure piarne recycle il from FSC Mixed Sources

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in anti-bacterial paint coatings Sterishield is a revolutionary water-based hygiene paint developed by Dulux Trade, which actively inhibits bacteria. The secret behind the effectiveness of Sterishield lies in its active silver based bactericide combined with the durable and washable nature of the paint film. Sterishield is effective against MRSA, E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, yet is also non-hazardous, and can be applied and disposed of in the same way as any standard emulsion. First impressions count Good hygiene is crucial to reduce the risk of infection. Having an infection control...

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Proven effectiveness under simulated 'real life' test conditions Sterishield is the result of an intensive and rigorous research and testing programme and tests show it is proven to enhance the reduction of bacterial populations within 12 hours of contamination. The following graphs demonstrate the dramatic rate of decline of the bacteria population on Sterishield compared with standard paint under the same test conditions. MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) L^'S^L A portion of the population carries this 4 bacterium without any Issues, however the infection can be spread to...

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Dulux Trade Sterishield Sterishield was originally developed as a specialist paint for hospitals and other medical facilities, but nowadays it is being used increasingly in schools, housing and wherever hygiene is a 'Diamond Matt Benefits of Active Silver Bactericide ■ Active at very low concentration ■ Increased activity when washed or scrubbed ■ Not classified as dangerous according to UK legislation ■ Notified under the Blocidal Products Directive for Product-Type 2 enabling continued use for hygiene coatings ■ Already used In a wide range of medical applications A wide range of...

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