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Specialist Specifier Guide - 2

The Dulux Trade Specialist Coatings Range Formulated to protect what matters most When it comes to maintaining surfaces in demanding or sensitive environments, you need coatings you know will perform and protect, delivering the professional, lasting results you demand. As the trusted authority in paints and coatings, Dulux Trade brings you a range of specialist products formulated to deliver the specific protection required across a number of situations; safeguarding the things that matter most. Contact your Dulux Trade representative or visit www.duluxtrade.co.uk/protection

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 3

GERMS – Dulux Trade Sterishield Proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria MOULD – Dulux Trade Mouldshield* Formulated with a fungicide to inhibit the growth of mould FLAMES – Dulux Trade Pyroshield Slows the spread of flames in the event of a fire RUST – Dulux Trade Metalshield Protects exterior metal and inhibits rust formation CORROSION – Dulux Trade Cladshield Protects metal cladding from corrosion ABRASION – Dulux Trade Floorshield Outstanding abrasion resistance The right solution for your project From slowing down the spread of fire, giving occupants more time to evacuate a building,...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 4

stops bacteria growth Reduce the risk of infection with Dulux Trade Sterishield Dulux Trade Sterishield is formulated to reduce the risk of infection by actively inhibiting bacterial growth on painted surfaces. The inclusion of an active silver-based bactericide means that when combined with good hygiene practice Sterishield is effective against the spread of bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa within 12 hours of contamination. Contact your Dulux Trade representative or visit www.duluxtrade.co.uk/protection Sterishield from Dulux Trade is not a substitute for good...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 5

A durable, scrubbable more hygienic finish Sterishield is non-hazardous and being water-based, can be applied and disposed of in exactly the same way as standard emulsion paints. Inhibiting bacteria growth in all kinds of environment Originally produced for use in hospitals and other medical facilities Sterishield is also ideal for any environment where hygiene is key, including: l l l l l Kitchens and food preparation areas Nursing homes, residential centres & prisons Local Authority Housing Hotels and holiday villages Manufacturing plants Trusted by Paul Hayward, Head Teacher, St Andrews...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 6

Inhibits Mould Growth Prevent the spread of mould and fungi with Dulux Trade Mouldshield* Dulux Trade Mouldshield is an ideal choice in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where condensation may cause mould to grow on walls, ceilings and woodwork. Drying to an attractive matt or eggshell finish, Mouldshield is an emulsion paint which contains an added mild fungicide which inhibits the growth of fungi and mould and provides long lasting protection from its damaging effects. Contact your Dulux Trade representative or visit www.duluxtrade.co.uk/protection *see back page for details

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 7

A durable, washable finish Suitable for brush or roller application, Mouldshield has excellent opacity and is ideal for use on woodchip and blown vinyl wallcoverings, as well as dry plaster and a range of building boards. Surfaces should be sound, clean and dry before painting, with any existing mould or fungi removed. Don’t let damp conditions cause problems Wherever condensation and damp conditions could lead to mould and fungi forming, protect surfaces with Dulux Trade Mouldshield: l l l l Available in over 5,000 colours Offers excellent adhesion High opacity on most surfaces. Recoatable...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 8

EXTRA PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE Slow down the spread of fire with flame retardant Dulux Trade Pyroshield Dulux Trade Pyroshield is designed to upgrade painted surfaces in line with current fire regulations, giving occupants more time to evacuate a burning building by slowing down the spread of flames. This is made possible by a revolutionary flame retardant formulation, developed following a rigorous research testing programme. Pyroshield is especially suitable for use in Contact your Dulux Trade representative or visit www.duluxtrade.co.uk/protection communal areas of public building from...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 9

Resisting flames, meeting legislation, protecting lives Dulux Trade Pyroshield’s 3-way action can reduce the speed at which fire spreads in these circumstances. It starves the fire of oxygen and forms a barrier between the fire and its potential fuel - the paint layers lying underneath. The water-based Pyroshield coating also reacts to fire by creating steam, which cools the fire and further reduces its oxygen supply. Designed to make buildings a safer place to be Dulux Trade Pyroshield: l l l l Meets with requirements of BS 476: part 6 &7 Durable. Scuff and stain resistant Low environment...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 10

8 YEARS rust PROTECTION Keep rust at bay for up to 8 years with Dulux Trade Metalshield Dulux Trade Metalshield has been formulated to deliver up to 8 years lasting protection from the elements on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In doing so, maintenance cycles can be extended generating significant cost savings. The reason why Metalshield offers such excellent protection is that it incorporates revolutionary barrier technology, which locks out air and moisture. The result is an attractive durable finish Contact your Dulux Trade representative or visit www.duluxtrade.co.uk/protection...

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Specialist Specifier Guide - 11

NON-FERROUS METALS FERROUS METALS Apply Metalshield Quick Drying Metal Primer Apply Metalshield Zinc Phosphate Primer High performance system, faster application, better protection It also provides extra protection around the edges and corners. Conventional paints tend to dry too thinly on corners and edges, whereas the superior ‘cling’ of Metalshield provides extra protection for these vulnerable places. Long lasting protection Keep metal rust-free with Dulux Trade Metalshield. l l l Up to 8 years protection with the recommended system Extends maintenance cycles, reducing costs Helps...

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