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“ Light & Space helped the design team to achieve homes that are light and welcoming and at the same time help improve energy efficiency levels. We are really happy with the results. ” Ian Hogarth Architect Front Cover & Above: Russell Garden Mews, Kensington

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 3

NOW IT’S POSSIBLE TO SAVE ENERGY AND STILL HAVE A LIGHTER ROOM Creating the illusion of more space within a room without actually building bigger rooms has been a problem for generations. Many of today’s new build properties have smaller windows and corridors with little natural light, which underlines the need to find ways of brightening living and working environments. Specifiers are also being increasingly obliged to consider environmental and energy saving factors when specifying building materials. WE ARE COMMITTED TO DOING MORE WITH LESS Dulux Trade is committed to Planet Possible,...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 4

BRE TESTING CONFIRMS THE ADVANTAGES OF USING LIGHT & SPACE Light & Space was subjected to rigorous testing by the BRE (Building Research Establishment Ltd), designed to assess the impact of paint type on light levels in rooms. THE TEST Four model rooms were created simulating small domestic rooms. The models were illuminated either with simulated daylight (from an artificial sky with cool white fluorescent lighting) passing through a side window, or with tungsten lighting placed centrally below the model’s ceiling within the model. Amongst its conclusions, BRE stated: “Using higher...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 5

CASE STUDY SOCIAL HOUSING RETROFIT, BELFAST “ We chose to use Light & Space colours as they reflect much more light than normal paints. ” Peter Keig Director, Eco-Energy (NI) Ltd CLIENT: ECO-ENERGY (NI) LTD The energy saving properties of Dulux Trade Light & Space colours played a major role in the award winning retrofit of a late 19th century solid wall mid-terrace house in Belfast. Inspired by the UK's need to retrofit over 12,000 homes per week in order to meet its target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, the UK Technology Strategy Board initiated a competition for...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 6

A BRIGHT SOLUTION TO ENERGY EFFICIENCY CONCERNS Light & Space has also been developed specifically to meet growing concerns about the environment. Being more † reflective and less absorbent of light, it uses up to 22% less light energy. Lighting can be set to a lower level or switched on for shorter periods. AN EXAMPLE USING ELECTRIC LIGHT LIGHT ABSORPTION VALUES The illustrations below show two rooms – both lit with conventional tungsten bulbs. The room decorated with Light & Space paint has Absolute White on the ceiling and Moon Shimmer on the walls. The other room is decorated with...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 7

CASE STUDY LEARNSPACE, CORBY, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Neil Kitson Education Strategy Manager, Northampton County Council “ The design scheme had to be delivered on a tight budget, so we needed something that was inspiring and practical, but also affordable.” CLIENT: NORTHAMPTONSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL A disused industrial unit in Corby has been converted into an innovative education research centre in a pioneering project led by Northamptonshire County Council, with Dulux Trade Light & Space colours helping to ensure that the interior is a suitably bright and inspiring 21st century learning space. The...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 8

HELPING YOU MEET BUILDING REGULATIONS Light & Space can help you meet Part M and Part L with maximum freedom to choose colours. CONSERVATION OF FUEL AND POWER Building Regulations Part L has recently been revised in order to meet with the requirements of the EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings. Included in this directive is the need to install and maintain fixtures and fittings that make reasonable provision for reducing the environmental impact of buildings. Reducing the size of windows is one way to reduce the overall impact of a building. However, by reducing the size of...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 9

CASE STUDY YSGOL GYMRAEG BRYNSIERFEL, LLANELLI “Dulux Trade didn't just supply us with effective products, the team also worked hard to deliver a full added value service. ” Ewart Wilson Senior Site Manager, The Kier Group CLIENT: CARMARTHENSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL A key objective for Carmarthenshire County Council at this brand new primary school was to create an inspirational teaching space for pupils aged 3 to 11 by optimising natural light. To achieve this vision, construction company The Kier Group worked closely with Dulux Trade, who recommended the innovative, light reflective Light &...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 10

BENEFITS AT A GLANCE High LRV (Light Reflectance Value) reflects up to twice as much light† Makes rooms appear lighter and brighter. Uses up to 22% less lighting energy† Reflects even more light around the room† – perfect for ceilings 26 high LRV colours available Allows lighter walls whilst still meeting Part M visual contrast guidelines Available in a range of products No compromise on performance whatever the job EXTENDED MAINTENANCE CYCLES FOR ENHANCED SUSTAINABILITY In addition to delivering significant light energy savings, Light & Space also extends maintenance cycles when used in...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 11

A CHOICE OF ATTRACTIVE FINISHES All products that are available in the Light & Space colour range are listed below. The products are available in Absolute White (our highest LRV white) and also 26 high LRV tinted colours. Light & Space Vinyl Matt Light & Space Diamond Matt Light & Space Diamond Eggshell Our best selling interior matt emulsion now available with the Light & Space colour range. All of the great application characteristics of standard Vinyl Matt. A breakthrough in water-based technology. A tough and washable matt finish with excellent durability and stain resistance. Ultra...

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Light & Space Specifier Guide - 12

PROVIDING ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED Site Surveys Report to Project Owners Specifier Account Managers can carry out a full site inspection. This will include assessment of the current condition of surface coatings, help with identification of difficult substrates and advice on extending maintenance cycles. A critical element of any project is minimising down time. Knowing the status of the work in progress and thus keeping control of events is equally important. Specification Writing Dulux Trade offers full specification support tailored to your individual requirements. This will ensure that...

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