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Transforming the healing environment Choosing colours and products that make a difference for patients

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Helping health professionals create better environments for patients A healthcare facility is a working environment with a difference. Yet choosing the most suitable products to achieve a transformation that benefits both patients and health professionals need not be a difficult process. With the right guidance you can achieve a safer, cleaner healthcare environment in which professionals can focus on the needs of patients. We understand that the way people engage with a building, positive or otherwise can be directly affected by the colour and design of the space. At Dulux Trade we are...

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How HTM 56 affects product selection Along with cost, quality and hygiene, it is necessary to consider the requirements of NHS Estates Health Technical Memorandum 56 (HTM 56*) when choosing paints in healthcare environments. This details six categories of wall surface within healthcare buildings, and the key factors you need to take into account when choosing paints for them. For ease we have highlighted the key features for each category use. Please see the table on page 31 for full listing. Category 1 areas: Scrub Rooms, Theatres and Major Treatment Key considerations Hygiene,...

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Revised product selection criteria for new build projects For new build hospitals, the requirements of HTM 56 have been superseded by new “policy and performance requirements for building elements used in healthcare facilities”. The table below summarises how these guidelines affect your choice of Dulux Trade products for different types of room space. Category room space & application area Clinical Dry Clinical Specialist Heavy Traffic Product Solutions Single bedroom, multi bedroom, consulting room and clean utility Dirty utility, assisted bathroom and assisted shower X-ray room W/C...

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Reducing the risk of infection with Dulux Trade Sterishield Sterishield is the ideal water-based interior emulsion for healthcare facilities, including operating theatres. An effective infection prevention strategy is a key aspect of quality according to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). It has the power to inhibit bacteria within 12 hours of contamination, preventing the spread of infection in I nhibits bacteria within 12 hours of contamination in independent tests to be effective against MRSA, I ncreased anti-bacterial activity when washed E.coli and...

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CASE STUDY: Sterishield helps Hammersmith Hospital enhance infection control This London hospital now uses Sterishield, In testing Sterishield, the hospital needed to establish the range of water-based hygiene paints from that the coating is non-hazardous to patients. Dulux Trade, throughout its patient and ward Sampling it on one wall, the assessors applied a wide areas, including operating theatres. range of known bacteria spreading agents (transfer Taking the decision to use Sterishield, the Department of Infection Control at Hammersmith Hospital rigorously tested Sterishield against a...

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Minimising maintenance costs and disruption with the Dulux Trade Diamond range Maintenance and redecorating are disruptive, costly and environmentally impactful processes. Because the Dulux Trade Diamond range looks better for longer*, it can deliver superior value for money without compromising on quality. By helping to minimise disruption and avoid the need to close wards and other facilities, the Diamond range can contribute to patient wellbeing as well as procurement, efficiency and sustainability. This is a range of water-based paints with exceptional durability, washability and stain...

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A vailable in Matt, Eggshell and Satinwood. Ideal for high traffic areas such as staircases, corridors, waiting rooms Available in over 10,000 colours Extend maintenance cycles for up to 5 years, allowing repeated cleaning rather than redecoration n Reduce whole life cost of project Embodied Carbon Quick drying and with low odour to minimise disruption Long term benefits for budget and the environment Redecorating twice as opposed to five times over a ten year period can help reduce carbon footprint. The extended maintenance cycles offered by the Diamond range not only result in long-term...

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Dulux Trade Light & Space: making rooms feel brighter and more spacious Light & Space is a range of special colours, available in five water-based Dulux Trade finishes, that harness revolutionary LumiTec technology to make rooms feel bigger and appear brighter. Light & Space is perfect for creating a bright, cheerful healing environment, and making the most of places with Light & Space benefits n Makes rooms appear lighter and more spacious Allows the use of up to 22%** less energy in the little natural light such as corridors and alcoves. It has a unique ability to reflect light that would...

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CASE STUDY: Light & Space illuminates campus Dulux Trade recently teamed up with healthcare contains bounce light back into a room, significantly contractor Willmott Dixon to provide a selection increasing perception of interior space and reducing of specialist paint products for the Willmott required lighting by up to 22%**. Energy is saved and Dixon Healthcare Campus based at the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Innovation Park in Watford. Mike Clarke, Health Manager at Willmott Dixon comments: “We were attracted to Dulux Trade by Drawing on in-depth knowledge of the healthcare its...

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Dulux Trade Ecosure: making healthcare premises more sustainable without compromising performance Ecosure is the range of sustainable paints from Dulux Trade that can help you achieve the demanding environmental standards that are increasingly expected but also maintain the performance you require. It has demonstrably lower embodied carbon and VOC content, yet Ecosure also delivers outstanding quality of finish, colour choice, ease of application and durability. Environmental Impact Analyser Transport up to the manufacturing stage The global warming potential of solvents emitted during...

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