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make a bold statement with powerful colours reflect flooring colours to create flow CASE STUDY: The University Of Northampton, Cottesbrooke, Northampton Business School An inspiring contemporary colour scheme, suitable for a busy university building used mainly by mature and part time students. That was the interior decor brief for this newly built extension. Dulux Trade Senior Colour Designer Lisa Pilley’s solution integrated the flooring and furniture into the colour scheme to create a sense of flow, combining a delphinium shade from the existing building with feature walls in vivid pink...

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Add vibrant impact with contemporary furniture Creating smart environments for places of learning Schools, colleges and universities are unique places. Their environment has to be conducive to learning and stimulating to the senses, yet durable enough to withstand a constant daily flow of heavy traffic. That presents severe challenges when choosing decorative products and colour schemes, and nobody is better placed than we are to help you meet those challenges. We have a proven track record in the education sector. First and foremost, we understand the pressures you face to get the right...

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Tailoring the colour palette to the age group Primary, secondary and further education students are very different ‘audiences’ with diverse needs and preferences when it comes to colour. Here we have created three sample palettes to illustrate the suggested approach for each sector. The palettes contain nine colours because they are designed to be used across the whole extent of a building or complex, with two or three colours selected for individual areas. There is no need to use every colour on a given project. Often a single ‘theme’ colour is used to link different zones, creating a...

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Secondary education Mid-teens want to feel they are being treated as young adults, so their palette features colours that are more mature but still fun and inspiring. Otherwise similar principles hold true: brighter accent colours for feature walls and doors, complemented by neutral shades for main walls. Durable finishes such as the Dulux Trade Diamond range are even more essential for these bigger, more boisterous youngsters, and it is again worth considering the use of an anti-bacterial Sterishield finish. Further and higher education 16+ students are a diverse bunch but this dynamic...

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Corridors and circulation areas Access all areas Looking good is important of course, but durability and cleanability are equally important priorities in constantly used spaces such as corridors. Colours must also be chosen with an eye to making circulation areas easy to recognise and navigate. CASE STUDY: Ysgol Gymraeg Brynsierfel, Llanelli To achieve this vision, construction company the Kier Group worked closely with Dulux Trade who recommended the innovative, light reflective Dulux Trade Light & Space colour A key objective for Carmarthenshire County Council at this range. By using...

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ideal areas for injecting colour USE matt and satin finishes to create a modern style Product suggestion • primary school is a great opportunity to use bright, A cheerful colours • on’t neglect corridors, they are ideal areas for D injecting colour • Use lighter shades on broad wall areas • A satin finish looks smart and contemporary • onsider the colour of the flooring when selecting C your colours Diamond Matt Tough enough for busy corridors, formulated to withstand repeated cleaning. Consider Light & Space colours for poorly lit areas. Diamond Satinwood A durable satin finish for trim...

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Classrooms and teaching areas Bright sparks Classrooms are among the hardest working places in a school or college. Often space is limited and usually the room is crowded and hectic. This demands a colour scheme that delivers a sense of light and focus and makes the most of the space available. It also requires a finish that can survive heavy traffic and withstand constant cleaning. Most classroom colour schemes are built around the use Warmer colours are best if the natural light is from the north. of a feature wall as the teaching wall. This is the wall the For optimum effectiveness, the...

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Add richness and strength with a feature wall CoNSIDER LIGHT & SPACE WHEN DAYLIGHT IS LIMITED Product suggestion • f the natural light is from the north, a warm colour I is recommended • or a modern feel and a sense of space, pull the F trim into the broad wall colour • reate a teaching wall – a feature wall that gives C focus and direction to the learning space • se matt or satin finishes to minimise glare on U PC screens and young eyes • ear existing furniture and flooring in mind when B choosing colours Diamond Eggshell The classic mid-sheen finish, perfect for classrooms because it’s...

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Student accommodation Home from home At Dulux Trade our extensive experience with student accommodation includes having worked closely with The UNITE Group for five years. They are the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, responsible for over 130 properties, providing homes for more than 42,000 students across 23 cities. CASE STUDY: UNITE Group, student accommodation in 23 UK cities and of course it’s a space in which they will be spending long hours studying, so it’s essential to conjure up an ambience in which young minds can learn and think. The first thing to remember when...

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In a small, cluttered space, keep things simple USE DURABLE FINISHES TO EXTEND MAINTENANCE CYCLES Product suggestion • hink homely and welcoming, the tenant may have T just left home for the very first time • he Dulux Trade Diamond range is a wise choice T with durability paramount • hink about the kinds of colour students will have T chosen back at home • eep things simple, so that the students can add K their own personal touches • se a variety of unisex palettes around a hall U of residence Diamond Matt A fashionable matt finish that, with student lifestyles in mind, is 10x more stain...

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