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CASE STUDY: Natural Retreats holiday homes, Richmond, Yorkshire CLIENT: Natural Retreats Natural Retreats is a company that prides itself on continually improving ecological performance and holds a Green Tourism Gold Award. So when 20 properties at its site in the Yorkshire Dales were due for a revamp, sustainability was a crucial consideration for every aspect of the work. To answer this brief and deliver a high quality long lasting finish the contractor, Dulux Select Decorator MRQD Contracting, specified Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt for all interior walls and ceilings, and Ecosure Quick...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 3

Ecosure: sustainability with no compromise on performance We are all under pressure to meet sustainability targets in everything we do, and specifying paints is no exception, which is why Dulux Trade developed the Ecosure range in partnership with Forum for the Future. Ecosure is a range of high quality long lasting finishes with excellent application characteristics and colour choice. Yet each is a water-based formulation with demonstrably low levels of embodied carbon and minimal VOC content. An environmentally focused product with no compromise on performance. An ambitious vision Our...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 4

Ecosure - paint with sustainability built in Developed in partnership with Forum for the Future Lower embodied carbon, reduced VOCs: outstanding all-round sustainability To clearly demonstrate the sustainability of Ecosure Embodied carbon is a measure of CO2 emissions with scientific rigour, Dulux Trade partnered leading (the key contributor to climate change) produced during independent authority Forum for the Future in developing manufacture and delivery. Use paints with low embodied the Environmental Impact Analyser: a tool that accurately carbon and the decorating project has a head...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 5

CASE STUDY: Energy saving homes, Dormont Estate, Scotland CLIENT: Dormont Estate The sustainability credentials of the Ecosure range made it the natural choice when this development of eight energy saving affordable homes was being developed at Dormont Estate in Dumfries and Galloway. “ e decided to use coatings W from the Dulux Trade Ecosure range because of their outstanding environmental focus, ease of application and long-term performance” Trusted by David Major, Principal, White Hill Design Studio LLP Local architects White Hill Design Studio required the homes to be built to the...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 6

Ecosure Matt – 20% less embodied carbon* and virtually zero† VOCs Ecosure Matt provides performance that matches and in some cases exceeds that of equivalent matt emulsions, with excellent opacity and coverage to complement even lower embodied carbon and minimal or zero VOC content.† Sustainability without compromise For greater sustainability, Ecosure Matt contains 20% less † embodied carbon* and zero volatile compounds (VOCs) . VOCs like solvents are often found in paints, however Ecosure Matt’s film layer locks volatile compounds in, preventing release As standard paint dries, volatile...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 7

Unique Dry-Hide technology has it covered Dry Hiding is the extra covering power paint develops as it dries. This all happens at a microscopic level. When the paint is wet, the voids between pigment particles are filled with water. This scatters light poorly, causing ‘show through’, but as the paint dries, water evaporates and the paint’s reflective properties change so that it scatters light much better. Result: improved hiding power. Standard Vinyl Matt Ecosure Matt Now available in energy-saving Light & Space‡ As well as improving the formulation of Ecosure Matt, we have now made it...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 8

CASE STUDY: Melin Homes sheltered housing, Abergavenny CLIENT: Melin Homes Keeping disruption and odour to a minimum was crucial when it came to specifying paints for this sheltered housing scheme as many residents are elderly and some have breathing problems. In addition, Ecosure was able to help specifiers to meet their obligations to aid visually impaired people due to the range of colour. “The finished result is fantastic” With all these criteria in mind, Decorating Team Leader Trusted by Dave Badham, Dave Badham consulted Dulux Trade Specification Decorating Team Leader, Melin Homes...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 9

Ecosure Gloss and Undercoat – high gloss, lower environmental impact Ecosure Gloss and Undercoat combine all the environmental advantages of a water-based system with the standard of professional finish usually associated with solvent-based products. 30% less embodied carbon, at least 78% less VOC content Our higher gloss finish under the microscope Suitable for interior wood and metal surfaces, the Ecosure The diagram shows how the Ecosure Gloss and Gloss and Undercoat system is water-based and non- Undercoat System has been formulated to improve the yellowing. Providing coverage of up to...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 10

Ecosure Quick Drying Eggshell Like the entire Ecosure range, Quick Drying Eggshell is a water-based paint that can help you achieve your sustainability goals because it features less embodied carbon and lower VOC levels than conventional products. Yet this is combined with a truly outstanding finish and wide colour choice, plus excellent durability, opacity and spreading rate. 2,000-cycle scrub test* The durability to extend maintenance cycles The 2,000-cycle scrub test* featured here shows that Ecosure Quick Drying Eggshell has excellent durability and is perfect for extending maintenance...

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Ecosure Specifier Guide - 11

A whole range of sustainable choices Offering a high opacity vinyl matt, a non-yellowing gloss and undercoat system plus a quick drying durable eggshell, the Ecosure range can help you satisfy the need for greater sustainability without compromising on performance or results. Ecosure Quick Drying Eggshell ■ 10% less embodied carbon## Available in more than 10,000 colours Ecosure Matt Ecosure Gloss & Undercoat Zero VOCs* At least 78% less VOCs† 20% less embodied carbon** High opacity 30% less embodied carbon^ when used as a system Available in more than 10,000 colours A vailable in Light &...

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