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DIAMOND DURABILITY CAN DELIVER LOWER COSTS AND LONGER MAINTENANCE CYCLES When you need a finish that can take everyday wear and tear, shrug off stains, withstand constant cleaning and stay looking good for longer, trust the ultra-durable Diamond range from Dulux Trade to deliver. WE ARE COMMITTED TO DOING MORE WITH LESS Dulux Trade is committed to Planet Possible, the global AkzoNobel initiative to create a brighter future by delivering more value from fewer resources. Planet Possible is designed to drive innovation and promote radical resource efficiency, allowing ourselves and our...

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Diamond Range - 4

THE DIFFERENCE DIAMOND DURABILITY MAKES Durability is a little word that covers a lot of ground. Each product in the Dulux Trade Diamond range provides a tough, hardwearing finish – and they are particularly strong when it comes to stain resistance. SUPERIOR STAIN RESISTANCE SUPERIOR SCUFF RESISTANCE In the real world, it’s impossible to protect surfaces from stains. But the difference between Dulux Trade Diamond Matt and our ordinary Vinyl Matt, for example, is how easily these stains wipe away time after time, leaving the decor looking as good as new. In tests, new Diamond High...

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Diamond Range - 5

DURABILITY BRINGS LONG TERM BENEFITS FOR BUDGETS AND THE ENVIRONMENT What does Diamond durability mean in practice? A superb finish that will stay that way for longer because it can withstand heavy wear and repeated cleaning. LOWERING MAINTENANCE COSTS YOUR PREFERRED WAY HOW HIGHER DURABILITY CAN LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Many users find that a Diamond finish can retain its original appearance for longer than conventional paints, extending maintenance cycles because surfaces can be repeatedly cleaned rather than redecorated. Others prefer to stick with their existing redecorating schedule,...

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Diamond Range - 6

DIAMOND HIGH PERFORMANCE EGGSHELL The toughest Diamond Eggshell finish yet, New Dulux Trade Diamond High Performance is an attractive eggshell finish that is even more durable and scuff resistant than standard Diamond Eggshell. Designed for super high traffic areas, it will withstand repeated cleaning and is 43% more scuff resistant than standard Diamond Eggshell. ULTIMATE SCUFF RESISTANCE Proven 43% more scuff resistant and five times tougher than standard Diamond Eggshell, Diamond High Performance is made to survive the toughest environments and withstand repeated cleaning. ATTRACTIVE,...

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Diamond Range - 7

“ e decided to trial the Diamond High W Performance Eggshell at the University of Warwick. The product has performed very well and our customer is very happy with the results. It seems to be a highly durable product which our operatives found easy to apply. I fully expect we will be using this product a lot in the future ” Alistair Lord Alfred Bagnall and Sons

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Diamond Range - 8

DIAMOND MATT With its new even more advanced formulation, Dulux Trade Diamond Matt delivers even greater durability and stain resistance - ideal for halls, stairwells and other high traffic areas. STAYS LOOKING GOOD FOR LONGER HIDES SURFACE IMPERFECTIONS The finish shrugs off marks and common stains can be easily removed. Better still, it will keep that just painted look even when wiped repeatedly. • New attractive flatter matt finish helps to disguise uneven surfaces • Ideal for high traffic areas like hallways and stairwells • Common stains can be simply removed • Water-based formulation,...

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Diamond Range - 9

CASE STUDY NORTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY Matthew Waite Senior Project Manager, The University of Northampton “ he high T performance products will ensure the building remains looking great and can be enjoyed by staff and students for many years.” CLIENT: THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON, COTTESBROOKE, NORTHAMPTON BUSINESS SCHOOL As part of a £2 million investment programme The University of Northampton called in Dulux Trade to help transform the interior of its Business School. With a hard wearing finish as important as inspiring use of colour, Dulux Trade Specifier Account Manager, Kevin Turner...

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Diamond Range - 10

DIAMOND EGGSHELL Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell is the ideal finish for interior walls, ceilings and woodwork in high humidity locations such as bathrooms and kitchens. MORE DURABLE THAN VINYL SILK EXCELLENT ADHESION With more stain resistance than standard water-based • Can be applied over existing solvent-based eggshells, Diamond Eggshell creates a beautiful paint finishes eggshell finish that will stay looking good for longer • Stains and marks are easily removed and can withstand high humidity. • Suitable for interior walls, ceilings and woodwork • Water-based formulation, quick drying...

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Diamond Range - 11

CASE STUDY THE CEDAR RESTAURANT, ASHORNE HILL CONFERENCE VENUE Tony Matters MD, Heterarchy Interior Design “ t was important I we used a high quality product that would last. As such, we specified Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell.” CLIENT: HETEREARCHY INTERIOR DESIGN An extensive redesign of the restaurant at Ashorne Hill Conference and Training Venue in Warwickshire called for a contemporary finish with maximum durability. Its surface is 10 times tougher than water-based eggshell finishes and vinyl silks, delivering highly extended maintenance cycles even in the most demanding interiors. As a...

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Diamond Range - 12

DIAMOND GLAZE VARNISH Dulux Trade Diamond Glaze Varnish is the ideal protective coating for solid hardwood and softwood floors and other interior wood surfaces that need to be extra hard wearing. TEN TIMES TOUGHER THAN CONVENTIONAL LACQUERS AND VARNISHES Proven to perform in busy interior pedestrian and public environments, Diamond Glaze keeps wooden floors and all interior woodwork looking good for longer. BEAUTIFUL CLEAR FINISH • Equally at home on hardwood and softwood floors • One pack system for fast, easy application • Water-based formulation, quick drying and low odour “ Diamond...

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Diamond Range - 13

DULUX TRADE DIAMOND RANGE SYSTEM GUIDE Wherever the project colls Tor outstanding durability, with the ability to stand up to repeated cleaning and stay looking good, the Dulux Trade Diamond range has the ideal solution. The range is now wider than ever, as it constantly evolves with new products and enhanced formulations. DULUX TRADE DIAMOND FINISHES Common stains can be removed by cleaning as soon as possible with o soft cloth and clean soapy water. Work gently, applying just enough pressure to remove the marks, then allow the surface to dry naturally. Avoid vigorous scrubbing and do not...

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