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Colour For Learning - 2

Colour for Learning A collection of palettes designed with careful attention and understanding of the user’s and staff within an educational setting. The series is broken down into three educational sectors, to help aid selection and placement of colour groups within an interior space. The colour stories are designed to offer combinations that will fit within the Equality Act without compromising on effective and functional design. The selection of colours within each palette has been combined to create comfortable and engaging collections designed to update and refresh areas in sometimes...

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Colour For Learning - 3

‘Here are a few design tips to get you started’ The palettes are not solely exclusive to each sector but as people grow, so does their perception and sophistication in colour choice. The colour groups have been laid out in a way which reflects the learning journey from childhood to maturity. Take a look at which, (if any) fixture’s and fittings you will be retaining, observe and note the colours of these things Now select a palette from your sector, which most reflects the vision and aspirations of the project. Does this palette work with the colours of your retained items? No? Yes?...

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Colour For Learning - 5

Fresh landscape shades to support either an urban or rural school setting. A palette to update a tired, traditional school or equally bring a fresh approach to a new build. These colours will complement an existing green or grey flooring. Shades that have staying power & timeless appeal.

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Colour For Learning - 7

Design Tip 1 - Why not try adding colour to framework & keeping all wall space off white, creating a gallery approach. Let the children’s artwork take the glory Design Tip 2 - Use 2 deeper shades for doors to identify child use & adult use only Design Tip 3 - Use Diamond Matt on walls Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 8

Ebb & Flow A perfect palette to apply to a new wing or south facing aspect of any school. Use feature colours to the teaching wall, framing the white board and drawing their attention. Smart, clever neutrals will add weight and balance on woodwork, trim and doors.

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Colour For Learning - 10

palette, for existing dark blues flooring & furt^tYvira flooring & furniture blues as alternate door shades & keep h*att\ substrates to eas^f neutrals

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Colour For Learning - 11

Free Spirit A hardworking palette with endless combinations and applications. One for the girls and the boys, with powerful pinks and sensible blues. Ideal for junior areas with a slightly more grown up approach, there is flexibility to split the palette for larger primarys with defined zones.

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Colour For Learning - 12

Dale White DH Indigo 70BB 07/103 Plum Blossom Chinese Parasol Free Spirit

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Colour For Learning - 13

Design Tip 1 - Use the aqua & blues for southerly aspects Design Tip 2 - Add functionality with deep blue flooring Design Tip 3 - Keep finishes in matt & satin to reflect modernity in style Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 14

Play House An energetic and witty group of colours, which are fresh and optimistic for the beginning of a child’s educational journey. Used in pockets, alongside the broad wall off white, this is a palette for success in almost any primary school.

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Colour For Learning - 16

Design Tip 1 - Complement with primary pink or red plastic seating Design Tip 2 - Why not reflect the colours within a bespoke flooring for story time area? Design Tip 3 - Very useable palette within an open plan primary or pre-school Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 17

Zonal Zest Cheerful, chatty, communicative colours to give vibrance and energy to any modern primary school setting. Useful in open plan situations and glazed partitioning between learning zones. Apply the citrus shade in blocks, using the neutral as a broad wall and the complementary stronger neutrals for durability on doors and skirting.

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Colour For Learning - 19

Design Tip 1 - Looks great with deep grey flooring & zone with an orange carpet section for story time & red for reading Design Tip 2 - Select grey desks to fit with this & any later paint schemes Design Tip 3 - In sunny rooms, complement with stainless mesh blinds or zingy plains to match the paints Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 21

Natures Dimensions A quirky and exciting palette, capable of creating fantastic transitional space. Great for zoning a building and injecting spirit. Versatile, smaller palettes will provide useful schemes taken from this unique range. Powerful colours, ideal for a new building with basic design features.

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Colour For Learning - 22

Natures Dimensions Dale White

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Colour For Learning - 23

Design Tip 1 - Perfect for a southerly aspect Design Tip 2 - Use just the neutrals with funky yellow & red furniture Design Tip 3 - The blue & green will give any classroom a fab feature wall Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 24

Contradiction Playful yet mature collection of colours, enabling a diverse approach for colour application to a multi block school site. Allowing strength of shade for communal accents and muted tones, where a softer application is desired.

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Colour For Learning - 26

Design Tip 1 - Try using with polished concrete or granite floors Design Tip 2 Highlight stairwells with a feature colour Design Tip 3 - Reduce maintenance by using a single neutral broad wall throughout the school Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 27

Fruitful flavours There is an Autumnal weighting to this collection of cosy, yet contemporary, colours. Depth of shade adds an evocative twist, inspiring modern application of a traditionally comforting scheme. The raw shades of nature, mixed with complimentary neutrals of flax and down, create a useable and friendly palette.

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Colour For Learning - 28

Green Clay Fruitful avours

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Colour For Learning - 29

Design Tip 1 - Yellow, orange & green will make great focal teaching wall shades Design Tip 2 - A palette for an environment lacking in natural daylight Design Tip 3 - Keep flooring & furniture neutral Suggested Palette

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Colour For Learning - 30

Funky Infusion A mix of clean and creative colour, with variety and depth of shade. Mimics modernity and clean lines, with minimal clutter. A perfect palette to use as colour blocks and can also twist to use as several softer subpalettes. Clever positioning is the key to success with this colour collection.

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Colour For Learning - 32

create a h^afure palette. ^\eutraf classrooh^s & keep the ftAt^ shades for pockets

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