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OPERATING AND INSTALLATION MANUAL FLAT WATER TANK-TYPE WATER HEATER FOR VERTICAL MOUNTING Electric water heaters OKHE ONE20 Družstevní závody Dražice-strojírna s.r.o. (Works Cooperative - Dražice - Machine Plant, Ltd.) Dražice 69, 294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou tel.: +420 / 326 370 911 fax: +420 / 326 370 980 e-mail: export@d

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CAREFULLY READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE INSTALLING THE WATER HEATER! Dear Customer, The Works Cooperative of Dražice - Machine Plant, Ltd., would like to thank you for your decision to use a product of our brand. With this guide, we will introduce you to the use, construction, maintenance and other information on electrical water heaters. The product is not intended to be controlled by a) people (including children) with reduced physical, sensual or mental capacities, or b) people with insufficient knowledge and experiences unless supervised by responsible person, or unless properly instructed by...

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1 PRODUCT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 1.1 FUNCTION DESCRIPTION Tank type water heater (the heater hereinafter) is designed for the accumulation heating of service water by electric energy. Water is heated by an electric element in an enamelled thermally insulated tank. The element is at the time of heating controlled by a thermostat the temperature of which can be adjusted continuously (within the range between 5°C and 74°C). Once the selected temperature is reached, heating interrupts automatically. Water accumulated in the tank is then used for the consumption. The tank keeps constant...

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1.3 DESIGN AND GENERAL HEATER DIMENSIONS The receptacles of the heater tank are made of steel plate and tested by 1.5 MPa multiple of operation pressure value. The inside of the receptacle is enamelled. In the bottom part of the tank there are wells for placing the heating, regulation and safety element of the water heater (heating element with right thread G 5/4“, thermostat sensor and thermal fuses). A thermometer is installed in the top part of the heater that transmits information on heating the volume of service water. The receptacle of the heater is provided with a quality...

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2 PERATION AND FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 2.1 OPERATING CONDITIONS The heater may only be used in accordance with the conditions specified on the nameplate and the instructions contained in this manual. Besides the legally acknowledged national regulations and standards, also conditions for the connection defined in local electric and water works have to be adhered to, as well as the installation and operation manual. The temperature at the place of heater installation must be higher than +2°C; and the room must not freeze. The heater has to be mounted at such a place that can be counted with as...

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2.3 PLUMBING FIXTURES The heater connects to water distribution tubes with G1/2“ thread in the bottom part of the heater. Blue - cold water supply, red - hot water outlet. For potential disconnection of the heater, the service water inlets and outlets must be provided with screw coupling Js 1/2“. The safety valve is mounted on the cold water inlet identified with a blue ring. The heater must be equipped with a membrane, spring-loaded safety valve. Safety valves with fixed pressure settings from the manufacturer are used for the assembly. Each individually lockable heater must be fitted with...

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2.4 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION 2.4.1 GENERAL INFORMATION FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Execute the connection as indicated in the wiring diagram. Factory connection must not be changed! The degree of protection of electric parts of the heater is IP 44. Power input of electric element is 2200 W. Figure 5 It is necessary to observe the below requirements during the electric wiring. • Heater is connected to 230V/50Hz power supply via a fixed movable cable (depending on the method of wiring) The circuit must contain a breaker disconnecting all poles of the network, and a circuit breaker (protector)....

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2.6 FIRST COMMISSIONING Before connecting to the electricity, the heater must be filled with water. The process of first heating must be executed by licensed professional who has to check it. Both the hot water outlet pipe and safety armature parts may be hot. During the heating up process the water that increases its volume during the heating must visibly drip off the safety valve. When heating is finished, the set temperature and the actual temperature of consumed water should be roughly equal. When the heater is connected to a water piping, power grid and the safety valve has been...

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Drainage of service water shall be performed after closing the shut-off valve in the cold water supply piping (through the discharge valve for a combination of safety valves) and with simultaneous opening of all hot water valves of connected fittings (water can be also drained through the safety valve. Hot water may outflow during the drainage! If there is a risk of frost, be aware that not only the water in the hot water tank and the water in the hot water piping may freeze, but also the water in the entire cold water supply piping. It is therefore purposeful to discharge all fixtures and...

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We recommend checking and cleaning the tank from lime scale and eventual replacement of the anode rod after two years of operation. The anode life is theoretically calculated for two years of operation; however, it changes with water hardness and chemical composition in the place of use. Based on such an inspection, the next term of anode rod exchange may be determined. If the anode is only blocked with sediments clean its surface and, if used up, mount a new one. Have a company in charge of service affairs deal with the cleaning and exchanging of the anode. FAILURE SYMPTOM! INDICATOR!...

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3 OPERATION OF THERMOSTAT 3.1 TEMPERATURE SETTING Water temperature can be set by turning the knob of the thermostat between 0 °C to 74 °C by the symbol of the thermostat knob. 4 IMPORTANT NOTICES 4.1 INSTALLATION REGULATIONS - Without a confirmation of performed electrical installation issued by an authorised company, the warranty certificate shall be void. Check and exchange the Mg anode regularly. Please make sure that for the connection of your heater you don't need an approval of the local electricity supplier. No stop valves can be put between the heater and the safety valve. With...

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