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OPEN FIREPLACE CONVERTIBLE INTO CONTINUOUS-BURNING STOVE ADVANTAGES 1 MULTIFUNCTION FIREPLACE with easy and safe operation of the fi rebox cover plate 2 THE PLEASURE OF AN OPEN WOOD FIRE thanks to the generous fl ames of an open fi re 3 THE SAFETY of being able to switch the fi re easily to the bottom fi rebox 4 PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY in the closed fi rebox mode (effi ciency exceeding 75 %) 5 CLEANLINESS and ECOLOGY: minimal discharge of dust and CO thanks to our dual combustion system (bottom fi rebox fed with primary and secondary air) 6 ENERGY SAVINGS in the continuous burning mode with the chimney outlet trap closed. 7 MADE IN FRANCE 8 WIDE OPENING of bottom fi rebox accepting logs between 50 and 75 cm long depending on models 9 POSSIBLE OPTIMISATION by the addition of a blower or an optional extractor 10 FULL RANGE of products for new or renovation projects. Supplied with a full accessory kit THE PLEASURE OF AN OPEN FIRE AND THE PERFORMANCE OF A CLOSED STOVE www.doublefeu.com df@doublefeu.com

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OPERATION CLOSED FIREBOX MODE OPEN FIRE MODE Safety Facility Well-being Ergonomics DF range Renovation range Compact range As an option From 9 to 22 kW (DF 9, DF 13, DF 17, DF 22). - A full range - With or without canopy - With welded or removable rear recovery unit A FULL RANGE DFR13 and DFR17. - Specifi c compact models designed for renovation DFR13 and DFR17. - Compact models with welded canopy and recovery unit adapted to the construction of a new fi replace Hot air recovery and distribution - Several blowers and extractors available, adaptable to optimise your wood-burning performance...

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