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Varrit® optima safes Secure, innovative and convenient

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Varrit optima Safes - 2

> 180º Leading security in the office Kaba Varrit® optima safes offer user-friendly interior design variations for every need. Kaba safes are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland, and hold a leading position in terms of security and technology. • Additional partition options offered by an interior locker compartment with Kaba cylinder lock. • User-friendly, fully exten ding shelf, for example for a secure EDP fire protection box. • Extendable hanger frame for suspended A4 folders. Ideal for the office, commercial enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses Industry, commercial...

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Varrit optima Safes - 3

Convenient operation at home Kaba Varrit® optima offers unique benefits in terms of quality and convenience for valuable, secure storage close at hand. High insurance protection for your valuables In the international environment, Kaba safes are tested and certified according to European standards EN WG II. Thanks to their higher break-in and manipulation security, they are granted better insurance conditions. VdS tested and certified Fitted Interior modules at optimal user height Thanks to the fitted interior modules and armoured vault base, optimal ease of operation is achieved at a...

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Varrit optima Safes - 4

elegance Personal – Varrit® optima elegance • Your jewellery stylishly arranged in the harmonious interior of the Varrit® optima elegance safe. • Adjustable drawer arrangement, division and size offer more convenient operation. With the Varrit® optima elegance, you will experience security which is elegant and which is conceived according to the ultimate design requirements. Enjoy your treasures at home, without any worries. 4

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Varrit optima Safes - 5

Individual, user-friendly and convenient Varrit® optima elegance stands for style, functional interior design and state-of-the-art security. The interior fittings are adapted to suit the valuables to be protected, and can be combined in a modular fashion. Functional arrangements for • jewellery • watches • coins • etc. enable the careful and secure storage of personal valuables. Specially lined drawers of individually selected design gently envelope the jewellery, making it easy to choose and simple to store away again. • Drawer partitions according to your requirements. 5 The fitting...

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Varrit optima Safes - 6

High-security locking systems Standard electronic lock The standard electronic lock stands out for its simple design, easy operation and high security. Kaba’s leading safe locks are considered to be manipulation and sabotage-proof as a result of their innovative, tested technology. 6 Paxos compact with time functions and lock redundancy Whenever extremely high demands are placed on security, failure-critical components have to have multiple backups, i.e. they have to be redundant. Paxos compact automatically switches to the redundant part of the system when it detects a fault, as a result...

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Varrit optima Safes - 7

Kaba safes meet European standards All Kaba safes and security systems have been tested and certified according to European standards by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH in Cologne.The European standards take into account factors such as today's more aggressive break-in and sabotage methods. In product approval tests, all Kaba safes satisfied the predefined mini- Certified security, made to measure Optimised security Kaba safes can be bolted to the floor or the rear wall and additionally secured by means of special anch-orage systems. mum resistance values with regard to penetration and forceful...

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Varrit optima Safes - 8

Varrit Vaults Varrit vaults have a larger volume as compared to Varrit optima safes and have been designed for the highest insurance class. Thanks to the new Relastan armouring technology, vault doors are compact and lower in weigh. In addition, they can also withstand the most modern break-in tools. Relastan armouring has been tested and certified by Vds (Association of Loss Prevention) in accordance with European norms EN 1143-1. Innovative vaults With its newly developed, lightweight armour plating technology, Kaba AG makes it possible for the first time to create high-security rooms...

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