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Patented reversible key system for high security & flexibility: Kaba quattro pluS Patent Protection to 2021

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High performance cylinder Reversible key locking system... pluS high security Kaba manufactures and provides security solutions for the most challenging Kaba Quattro pluS guarantees optimum security situations and is the number one choice for clients who need to secure protection against vandalism with the and control equipment in some of the most remote and demanding environments. system being tested to European Norm Kaba quattro pluS is the latest evolution in the proven Kaba range of high EN 1303 Grade 6 and attack resistance security locking systems. This Patented reversible key locking...

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Interchangeable Core pluS flexibility and control pluS variety of applications pluS interchangeable core • World wide patent until 2021. • Secure cabinets and containers. All cylinder types are manufactured in • Cylinder complies with EN 1303 Key • Securing utility and Related Security Grade 6, Attack Resistance Grade 2*. • Cylinder is available with steel modular design making Kaba quattro telecommunication infrastructure. • Secondary locking devices for pluS a cost effective and adaptable choice. Retrofitting or exchange of cylinders can be carried out on site, at vehicles involved in...

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We reserve the right to change any of the specifications in this publication without notice. PUB1108LB J4171-1108 Kaba Ltd Lower Moor Way Tiverton Business Park Devon EX16 6SS Tel: 0870 609 0268 Fax: 0870 000 5397 Email:

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